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Some Of My Favourite Android Apps

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite google android phone apps. Now some may not be the best for your model of phone or version of android, As some of these I use on my current phone model at time of writing the original T-mobile (HTC) G1 phone running version 1.6 (cupcake) of android. So I hope some people will find some of this information of interest.

Note everything

This is the best notepad application I have found, you can add multiple notes, set reminders, and the best thing is you can export and import your notes to and from the sd card, I use this a a basic word text editor then send the note (as text format in a email) or you can send your notes to google docs by downloading a addon, so can then be worked on in word etc on my desktop pc.  This is the best way so far to use the phone as a word processor. I am even using this to write this article you are reading now 🙂

Handcent sms

This is a replacement sms application, has a better look and feel than the one built into the phone, has a separate notification so can light up and show preview of txt msg, also has a quick reply saving you having to open up the main program, this notification is better than the one on the built in sms program.  The list of txt messages is the same as the android built in one though you can change the font, add pictures to each tread etc.

My tracks (google)

This is a very good tracking application, you can start a track and will track your walk/ bike ride etc using google maps, with a lot of info ie average speed, time etc.  I use this application if I’m out around my local forest (cannock chase) as go for long walks, so I can easily see where I am, and which way to go, so I never get lost lol


Great little app for checking ebay, search, bid, see completed listings, when you tap item can either view the main description or the full html view as if on ebays site.  Can also check your my ebay, ie items watching, bidding on, or the items you are selling, can setup notifications, so can remind you when an item is finishing.

OI shopping

Little shopping list program, with different themes, and multiple list, I find this one great as always forget things when I go shopping.


Great program for find a song that is playing, I use this a lot when you in pub or listening to radio and hear a song playing load up the app, click tag now, if possible point mic towards sound source, and within a few seconds will Analise the song and tell you what song, artist, album etc, and then gives you option of searching for it on youtube.  Also keeps track of the songs you have tagged.

Camera 360

A very good replacement for the standard camera app, has a lot more setting for white balance, iso setting, night mode, image shake detection, can be setup as default app, you also have effect modes, like simulated hdr, night etc. I find these very good affects and with some of them makes the camera on my G1 now usable I would recommend this app instead of the builtin camera app.

Co-pilot live

This is a stand alone navigation software, now yes you do have navigation within the latest versions of google maps, but this has to use your 3G or wifi connection. With Co-pilot you have the maps stored on your sd card, so even if out of a 3G or internet connection can still be used, now yes you do have to pay for this app at around £27 for 1 country map, but in my opinion is well worth the money and this now replaces my stand alone sat nav. It can be slow to respond sometimes, but this is mainly because I’m still using the original android phone the G1, so now not the fastest android phone around.

Opera mini

I find this the best web browser on android at the moment, it is very quick as the webpages are rendered on operas servers before being sent to the phone, you can set quick bookmarks on the start page, so easy access to your main sites. you can set opera to be full screen and autohide the address bar. You can also set this as the default browser though I have had problems with this as if you still want to use stock browsers sometimes keeps re-directing to opera.


I find this better than the stock contacts app, as I find it easier to search within a group, has access to your starred contacts, and you can set your contact pictures next to each contact within the list. I also find it easier for viewing the notes, address on each contact.

Swiftkey (beta)

As I only have the stock keyboard on my G1, I find this the best replacement keyboard, the app does try to predict the next word that you will type and after using for a while does a very good job, I find the on screen keyboard is better than the stock on, though because I have the G1 with a hard qwerty keyboard I don’t use it that much, also when using the hardware keyboard with this enabled, there does seem to be a lag when typing, but remember at time of writing this is only in beta.

Smooth calendar

Very simple calendar widget that shows you upcoming events, very clean and simple and more option that the stock one, also quick access to add new appointment.


After trying all the different weather apps / widgets I think weatherbug is the best one, give good detailed forecast upto 7 days, it is set out very well and have full control over settings. Also has a setting for location that just follows where you are using gps, so good for people that travel, as you don’t need to change your settings.


I find this a very good gallery replacement, it is quicker to view your different pictures. On the stock viewer in 1.6 you cannot swipe to view next or previous image, this program does this with also a tap to zoom wheel on screen. The program can take a moment to load when you have added a few images as it index’s new images on start-up, but this even with a few images can only be a few seconds.

Some other apps & games worth a mention. first of cause the facebook app but still not fully there yet, though ghetting better with updates, Fingerpaint is a very simple drawing program, my daughter loves this one. Frozen bubble and Jewels are two good games. Unit converter is a very good unit converter.

Please add your comments on this quick list and if there are any better apps than the ones I have said.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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