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Examples of Full Fish Pond Clean

ByKevin Simon

Oct 3, 2018

Here are just a few examples of a full service on different ponds, All of the photos below was taken on the day of the services some start to finish, other just part way through. Do remember as I finish a full service the water may still be cloudy or plants not fully upright, as this takes about a day or two to settle.

See HERE for a complete breakdown of KS Pond Services full clean and service.

This pond was part of a three tier system, the pictures show the top pond which is approx 8ft x 3ft and about 1.5ft deep. This pond hadn’t been cleaned for a good few years pumps were fully blocked. As the garden was surrounded by trees and plants. This meant that a lot of debris went into the ponds.

As you can see from the pictures of the pond emptied, it was really dirty in the bottom, this was all removed then fully cleaned. Once done water that was stored in the vats was put back into the ponds.

This pond is approx 6ft wide and about 3ft deep in the centre. The picture on arrival show the pond only after a year of last service as you can see plants fully over grown.

Once water was emptied in the temporary vats as well as the fish. All plants removed to be cut back later. All debris cleaned out and swept, then fully pressure washed and emptied. Waterfall and statue cleaned. Then water, fish and plants back in.

This pond is approx 7ft x 3ft and just over 2ft at deepest point. This is a concrete formed pond. With pre-formed plastic waterfall, Upon arrival waterfall wasn’t working as pump blocked. Pond was full of blanket weed. Once water and fish were emptied into temporary holding vat. Pump out the dirty water and cleaned out the debris and muck.

As you can see the concrete was black, after being pressure washed and emptied, clean, once fish and water back in. Plants cut back, pump repaired and then cleaned up.

This pond is two parts the smaller one at the top and the larger at the bottom. Originally was connected by stream between the two, but this was discontinued years ago, so now separate. This pond hadn’t been cleaned in at least 3 years. Both ponds concrete construction.

The top pond was only about 3ft across about 1.5ft deep, was a lot of debris in this pond, no fish only plants, emptied and filled back up and plants cut back.

The larger pond was about 10ft x 5ft and about 2ft deep. This pond didn’t have fish but did have water lilies that had completely over grown, as well as a lot of duckweed. Once water removed into vats. The remaining water was got out, thought the last 3 inches was thick mud, so this was taken out by bucket. Fully pressure washed and water lilies cut back. Then water back in.

This pond is about 6ft in length and has two deeper parts at about 2.5ft. Upon arrival pomp was low on water as external filter box was blocked and overflowing. Once what little water was left in was removed, fish taken out. The bottom of this pond was a real mess lots of debris, not sure when was last cleaned out, but would say at least 3-4 years. Sides completely covered in blanket weed. Once debris removed. Fully pressure washed and emptied.

Filter box cleaned and emptied, waterfall cleaned and pump serviced, Plants cut back and water and fish back in. Sorry didn’t take photo of once complete.

This pond is approx 10ft x 5ft and about 3fdt deep. Upon arrival water level was low as though was leak in the liner. No fish in the pond. Pond covered in duckweed. Once water out the extent of the water lilly can bee seen the whole plant and root system took half the size ofg the pond and at least 8” thick. Was separated into manageable chunks.

Was lots of thick mud at the bottom, all removed and fully cleaned and pressure washed As can bee seen on the one photo, was a split of approx 2” in size, this was repaired with a butyl patch and other small holes repaired. Water back in, water lilies cut down, after a few weeks will grow lovely in the pond.

This pond is approx 6ft x 3ft by about 1.5ft deep. As you can see upon arrival pond fully over grown with plants, as can be seen in one of the photos, could hardly get my pump in. No fish in this pond only frogs. Once plants removed pond fully cleaned out and pressure washed. Plant completely cut back to encourage growth and on request of customer.

This is a large stream, with 3ft wide 2ft deep sump at the bottom. This has pump in that pumps water to the top. What can be seen in these photos is that the top part is sunken down at least 6” and the middle part is a channel about 4” deep. Both are covered in pea gravel. This was fully cleaned out as the plants and roots and grown within the channels, and parts had become dammed up so was losing water. Added more pea gravel and adjusted the gravel so water runs just right.

See HERE for a complete breakdown of KS Pond Services full clean and service.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.