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Hi my name is Kevin Simon, I’m in my late 40’s and live in Brownhills, For anyone that doesn’t know the area its by the M6 toll junction T6 and between Cannock and Lichfield, just North of Walsall. I grew up in Brownhills and lived in different houses within this area. I had moved around a bit before including living in Northfield – Birmingham (not that far away from the ex Longbridge Rover car works.), Chasetown and Chaseterrace in Staffordshire. I have a daughter that now is 21, cant believe how quick the years go, who lives with me.

I had been working in the computer industry for over 30 years within that time worked at 2 different computer suplliers, doing either reatil or onsite support, I then setup my own business over 15 years ago doing support and webdesign (KS Web Design), which I still do but mainly now I run a fish pond servicing business KS Pond Services. This is because my late father started in this field about 40 years ago, I took the business over now 12 years ago, though rebranded the business from Pond and Pool Services (PPS) , as my father started the business when I was about 14 I had helped out from time to time, so have a lot of experiance in this field. For more info on the business see HERE

I do enjoy doing tghis job, though around 5 years ago I developed a spinal problem and was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of the spine, and few other problems. So doing the work I do because can be very hard work, I now cant take on as much as I would like. Though im on very strong medications that do help. Though there cane be sometime 3-4 days were I cant move at all. But as they say life goes on and you got to make the most out of it. For more info on how this affects me see a post I wrote few years ago HERE.

I enjoy photography as a hobby and beacuse go around the UK camping which have done for over 5 years, I get to visit some loveley places around the UK, As of mid 2021  I have now converted a Peugeot Partner into a micro camper van, so can just go whenever I want. You can see the journey of converting by seeing most posts HERE. So a lot of the articles on here are about the place have been and with photos that I have took.

I also have a hobby of taking out Lego figures wherever we go and take photos of them in those locations, you can see more info on HERE though these are maily being posted to my instagram feed, search ksblog_photos. I am now also trying to do different types of videos on youtube about the trips that go on, so why not sunscribe to my channel below:

The main reason for doing this site is because I did web design as a business, and I enjoy doing it, I though would put a site together with things that interest me and hope anyone looking at this site finds some of the information useful and interesting.  If you have any comments about the site or the content I would be interested in anything you have to say.

If you would like to contact me please go to my contact page for contact details, you can contact me by various ways from skype to facebook, twitter to ebay, see HERE for my contact page for full details and links.

I do hope you enjoy looking at my site and I thank you for your time looking.

Kevin Simon