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Doctor Who

I have set this part of the website, so you can follow the adventures of the Doctor in minature. I had the idea when I did the article and photos about the Dr Who character building set, that are compatible with Lego, see HERE for details.

At first I used the micro figures of the doctor to do the photos, but now Peter Capaldi is the new doctor in 2014, I haven’t been able to get the figures, even though did try to get information from character building but to be honest they were no help. So now (September 2014)just got the 3.75″ action figure so now going to use this to carry on part of this site.

I have always been a fan of  the doctor who tv show since I was a kid, and when character building brought out the micro figure sets that are compatible with Lego, I had to have the sets, I have a few including the tardis of the 11th doctor, which i built and even did a video showing me making the set see on youtube HERE . My partner few years ago for Christmas brought me a sonic screwdriver, that does have real screwdriver bits, though bit big and heavy for me to take onsite for computer repairs 🙂 I do have a few more of the lego type sets since writing about the original sets, including the silence set, cybermen etc.

I have taken photos of the Doctor in different locations with some of the other micro figures inc. Amy Pond, I will be taking as many photos of possible of the 11th doctor micro figure before the 50th anniversary special whine Matt Smith leaves as the dr and Peter Capaldi takes over as the 12th Doctor. I do hope that Character building do continue the micro figures with the 12th doctor, as may have to move onto a other type of figure instead of these Lego compatible sets.

When i started this section each photo was hosted direct on this site, but recently moved over to Flickr for the new pictures that can be seen below and also the older photos.

You can also follow the adventures of doctor who (lego Style on here), or on TwitterFlickrFacebook.

I hope anyone reading this finds the pictures interesting and amusing, if so please leave any comments either on here or on Flickr direct.

For info and to the play the Dr Who 50th Anniversary Google Doodle, click HERE for details.

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