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KS Pond Services can offer the following services, though we specialize in full cleaning and servicing of your garden fish pond.

  • Full Pond Clean
  • Filter Box Cleaning
  • UV Replacement
  • Pump Repairs or Replacement
  • Repair Leaks

So is your fish pool dirty, can’t see your fish, pump not working as it used to, not changed your UV tube for a while, your filter blocked, water green with algae or blanket weed, Then get in contact as we can supply a full service of your fish/koi pond at very competitive rates. We cover the majority of the West Midlands and South Staffordshire area.

The majority of fish ponds need a full service every 12 months as even though the water may be clear you would be surprised how much debris is at the bottom of your pond, see the examples page to give you an idea.

Here is a quick breakdown of the average fish pond service:

We pump out your water into custom made vats, we then transfer your fish and also other aquatic wildlife into the vat, so they are safe while the pool is cleaned out. Once all the water is out we clean all the debris from the bottom of the pond, as well as remove any plants.


We then use a professional high power pressure wash to remove the algae from the side and bottom of your fish pond, Clean waterfalls, water features etc, Cut back plants and repot if necessary. Clean out Filter box, or gravel filter, Replace UV Tube. Once all done water goes back in with at least 25% fresh water, fish and plants are then put back into pool. We also treat the water with special chemicals to kill any parasites within the water.

And then leave your pool looking very clean and tidy. We always make sure we have fully tidied up any mess we have made. So your garden itself looks like we haven’t been there, but your pond looks perfect.

See HERE for a complete breakdown of KS Pond Services full clean and service.

Our ponds services start from just £100, Prices vary depending on the size of the pond, type of filtration system etc and the time would take. So contact us for full individual quote.