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Historic Shropshire Trip – Visiting Abbeys, Roman Ruins & Stealth Camp

ByKevin Simon

Jun 28, 2024

In my latest trip out in my Peugeot partner camper I wanted to do something different that just my photography trips and recently had my new national trust membership renewed and really last year didn’t get my moneys worth out of it, also I thought I was a member of English Heritage. Due to my spinal problems didn’t want to travel far so looked at both English heritage and nation trust site and going from where I am in Brownhills west Midlands towards Shrewsbury there are a lot of old abbeys, priory’s, Roman ruins etc, most I have been to before but thought would make a video about it, Due to the amount of places I visited I separated it out into three videos, so below you can watch them and I will just quickly explain the contents of each video.

So in the 1st video I start off really early and go to a local fishing lake for sunrise, didn’t really get any nice photos but was a nice start to the day, I then nipped to a supermarket for food for the trip. It was then onto whiteladies priory and then onto lillieshall abbey, I wont talk about them here as did a blog post when visited few years ago see HERE for full article or watch the video as talk a bit about the history.

I then went onto Wroxeter roman city, again this is English heritage but you have to pay to go in, i looked in the car and didn’t have my latest membership card, so went in to see if could find my membership, I then found out something happened earlier in year about payment so hadn’t got membership so I joined which got good deal 15 months for the price of 12.

Wroxeter is an impressive place the remains of a bath house, I have visited here a few times before you can read my blog post from 2011 when I visited for more info see HERE there is also a recreation of a Roman villa, this was done for a TV show called “Rome wasn’t built in a day” modern builder using the tolls available in Roma time to build this villa, if you can find it, it is worth a watch.

This is where I end the first video, else would be very long, so in the 2nd video which you can watch above I am trying to decide where to stay, I originally had the idea after looking on park4night stopping by Haughmond abbey, so I went there but was small car park and still bit early, so I looked at English Heritage app and decided as was only 10mins away to visit Moreton Corbet Castle which is a ruined medieval castle and Elizabethan era manor house, again this is free to get into, for info about the place watch the video.

After having a look around aswell as the churchyard I then change my plans again as was going to go back to stay overnight by the abbey, but decided to go to Collins Wood, as this seemed better for the overnight stay. So arrived there had a quick walk but unfortunately my body didn’t want to do that much as really was in bit of pain and had pushed my body really to its limit that day, if you want to know more about my heath issue see HERE where I talk about how pain affects my daily life.

So I then just settled down for the evening and really wasn’t a bad night, was a few cars later that night but settle down and really no problems, I was hoping for nice weather in the morning so could get out for some sunrise photography but at 4am was raining, so put diesel heater on and just relaxed.

Now this is where the 3trd video starts , I explore a bit of Collins wood, which was used for slate production, the paths ways are like a maze, as didn’t want to go that far due to what I wanted to do this day, only had a short walk but there are some nice views through the trees.

Getting back to the camper there was another camper by me, we had a nice chat, then I wanted to get going as was going to Haughmond abbey, which didn’t open until 10, so made my way there . I thought that from the little car park you walk through the wood to the entrance I was wrong but this way you do get a nice view of the abbey. the entrance is just by the side of the carpark, though there is another one for the abbey just down the next pull in.

Haughmond Abbey is ruined medieval Augustinian monastery, it is a nice place just to relax as you do have some nice views and as I talked about in the second video I love going around ruins as it makes you imagine how it would have been.

Well next was going to go to Attingham park and manor house, though unfortunately on the drive there I started to get in a lot of pain and there would be no way I would have been able to walk around, so decided I would go back home.

Which I felt like I let down anyone that would be watching the video but let down myself but that’s how my body goes sometimes, we’ll that’s for the next trip. So make sure you follow this blog or best still SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel for more trips, photography and more, also give the videos a like that would be appreciated .

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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