Art Exhibition Chasewater Visitors Centre

Just thought I would share this,  there is a art exhibition at the Chasewater visitors centre at the moment, with some great art work from artist Richard Boote. Aswell as other artists Steve Eastwood & Mark Lippett

The artwork by Richard is very abstract and makes you think about what you are looking at. Each piece of art work has great detail and the colours on most just jump from the page, One of my favorites is “the language of creation”  Which is the sample at the top of this post, With thanks from Richard for giving me permission to use the image here.  Another collection of my favorites are “Alien Abduction phenomenon”  The art work is mainly pen and pencil and is very detailed, I’m no art critic but these piece are well worth a look and I really did enjoy looking at this artwork. I also like the work by the other artists but was really drawn to Richards work.

The Exhibition is running at the Chasewater visitors centre until 11th April 2010, Richard will also be exhibiting at the gatehouse theatre in Stafford In October see his website for further details.

I would definitely recommend having at look at his artwork, as I think they are beautiful piece’s of art, I myself used to be into this type of drawing and because of seeing Richards work as given me inspiration to again get back to my artistic side, well hopefully 🙂

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