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Tips for Keeping Yourself Clean in Micro Camper – Personal Hygiene in Small Space

ByKevin Simon

Jun 25, 2024

Nearly 3 years ago now I converted a Peugeot Partner into a little micro camper, and having such a small camper I would like to share my tips of personal hygiene in such a small space, so read on also you can also watch my video on YouTube below:

Well first I must have to explain about the way I deal with water in my camper, well I don’t having any type of running water. For me I have four or five 500ml water bottles in my kitchen unit and four 2 litres bottle under the seating bench, which I top up at home or when out and about if need be. As this is fine for me as the camper I use for max 2 nights. So really the water is only used for making hot drinks and cooking.

So not having running water does make I hard to have a wash etc, I find using baby wipes is the best thing for me as you can use these for cleaning your face , hands, under arms etc or even have a full clean down if needed. They are not the most environmentally friendly but using them best suits me in the small size that I have.

The best tip I can give is be prepared, what I mean by that is have a wash bag in the camper with anything you may need, I have one with shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste , toothbrush etc. Also before you go away just make sure you have enough in there.

As my camper doesn’t have a shower, I always have a shower before I go, but if using baby wipes isn’t upto the job while you are away you can find places to have a shower, these include motorway service stations, leisure centres or even book into a camp site for the night. I mainly stealth camp so don’t use camp site, but sometimes if you ask nicely at camp sites they may allow you to use there facility for a small charge. In the camper I also keep two towels so if need shower etc I have them ready, I talked in another video on how to dry clothes etc in a small camper you can watch the video below

Another thing is make sure you have enough clean clothes to last you your trip, for me I always I have backpack with spare clothes in the camper, so even if last minute trip I have enough to last.

In my wash bag I also have an old electric shaver , the battery isn’t the best but is enough for a few uses and I charge this up every month. Though really I could get away without having a shave for a few days. I wear contact lens so in the camper I have a small bottle of saline , containers so if have to take them out I can and then have a old pair of glasses, as without glasses or contacts I can’t see at al, so better they are in there ready.

For hair care I have a spray can of dry shampoo , this is great stuff not as good as washing hair with proper shampoo and conditioner, but does the job a few sprays and brush you hair and does make it feel a bit more soft. For me personally I can get away not washing my hair for a few days and to be honest in the morning I Just have a small spray bottle with water in spray that on my hair then comb one side then the other, and whichever way is goes I’m fine with that.

For me because I have a few medical problems, which mean I have to take regular medication morning and night , which if I miss a dose because due to the high amount of strong painkillers I start having withdrawal. So I make sure I have at least 1 days worth of spare medication in the car, so again if decide last minute to go away I have enough in the camper.

I hope the video and info has been useful, if you can think of anything I have missed please leave a comment on the YouTube video above as this helps others , Also if you want to see more tips about having and using a micro camper, or just anything to do with the build make sure you follow this blog and also subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep upto date with the latest tip etc that I post

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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