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This page over the years has grown and grown, I keep updating as much as possible, Before this page was a mismatch of my complete list of Wasgij puzzles, Photos of the completed jigsaws I had done and also lower quality ones from around the net. So decided it needed a much needed update. But first a quick background on my interest in this interesting range of puzzles.

Originally I didn’t know that the wasgij range was different to any other jigsaw. A good few years ago me and my daughter were at a fair and on one of the stalls they were selling just jigsaws, We brought a few second hand ones the cartoon drawing type ones to do. Now I do enjoy as I find them relaxing and when my daughter was younger she did enjoy doing puzzles with me as well. Well the first one we started as like any other jigsaw I have always started from the edge, But then the shape of the building and the car on the one we was doing was different, at first we thought it was a different jigsaw in the box, That’s when I started to look at the box then realised the solution of the completed jigsaw is different then the one on the box.

Now at first it was a bit frustrating as normally if you get stuck with a normal jigsaw you look at the picture on the box for a clue, but can’t do this directly with the Wasgij puzzles. Though you do have a few clues around the box to help you out. To be honest myself and my daughter got fed up very quick not knowing where the pieces went, and like I said we did jigsaws to relax this wasn’t that good 🙁

This was the one I hated the most doing, to many small faces :-(

This was the one I hated the most doing, to many small faces 🙁

So we cheated a bit and found after a lot of searching some pictures of the completed ones on the net, but these were very low quality, but did help us do the jigsaws, So I thought once I had done them I would uploaded better quality pictures to help anyone else out. So if you want to cheat just a little click the (Reveal Solution) next to the puzzle you want to see in the list below you can also save the image from you mobile devices or pc, for printing or for reference on screen.

Since I started doing these jigsaws I keep buying the older ones off car boots and markets etc, and get the newer ones as gifts. I think at the moment in the loft I have at least 20 to do. We normally do the jigsaws later in the year as nice to sit in the warm as too cold to be out and just have some music on or the TV in the background and do a puzzle. Myself I really get engrossed in doing them normally we complete one every 3 nights, but if I’ve got a quiet day the next day I will easily carry on doing the jigsaw until the early hours. Some we have complete in a single siting of one night. I did get a few of the mini ones these ones a very easy and really no need for any clues and take less than 10mins the first time you do them.

To keep track of the ones I have done and got etc, I created a list of the complete range of Wasgij’s, to get this list together I got information from all different sources as I couldn’t find a complete list of the entire range on the net at all. So created the list below to help people keep track of the puzzles. For me I have a copy of this list on my phone using a note app (Google keep) and next to the puzzles I put either GOT or DONE, so know which ones I haven’t got, as I have brought duplicates in the past of ones that I have got but not done.

Over the years it has surprised me how many people visit this page for clues and the solutions. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get as many solutions on as possible, so if you are reading this and have done some that I haven’t done myself, please get in touch and could add your photo to the list with full credit if you wish.

Also over the past few years or so, I have collected some lower quality images than the ones I take of my own completed puzzles. Though these may just help you to complete a puzzle if you are stuck, I have found these from various places inc ebay etc, so I do not take credit for these images. you can see these by clicking the (lower res) next to the wasgij puzzle below. For full details on all the complete range of Wasgij jigsaws goto the official site HERE. You can also play online games direct on the site.

I would always recommend trying to figure the puzzle solution yourself, as it is more fun, thought you wouldn’t be here if you wasn’t a bit stuck :-), I find if I need help I only just quickly look at the part of the solution I really need. So see the solutions below by either clicking on *(Reveal Solution)* or *(lower res)*

So below is what I think is a complete list of Wasgij puzzles, this is upto date as of DECEMBER 2021. As more puzzle come out I will endeavour to add them to the list. Great Thanks to all the people that send me solutions that I dont have or have a low quality ones, They are greatly appreciated. Also If you have a photo of one copmpleted that i dont have please use the contact form at bottom to send me one to help others out.

Thank you for visiting this page, as you can appreciate getting the solutions and keeping this list upto date does take time and effort, I run this site independently just for the fun of it really, so if you found any of the solutions useful please think about a small donation using paypal below, this just keeps the running cost of the site going.

Original (39)

1 Sunday Drivers 500 pieces item no. 109502 (Reveal Solution)
2 Happy Holidays 500 pieces item no. 109513 (Reveal Solution)
3 Full Monty Fever 500 pieces item no. 109524 (Reveal Solution)
4 A Day to Remember 500 pieces item no. 10953 (Reveal Solution)
5 Late Booking 500 pieces item no. 13569 (Reveal Solution)
6 Blooming Marvellous 500 pieces item no. 13131 (Reveal Solution)
7 Bear Necessities 500 pieces item no. 13223 (Reveal Solution)
8 High Tide 500 pieces item no. 17225 (Reveal Solution)
9 Home improvements 1000 pieces item no. 10485 (Reveal Solution)
10 Antique fair 1000 pieces item no. 10676 (Reveal Solution)
11 Beauty Salon 1000 pieces item no. 10992 (Reveal Solution)
12 The Mouth Of The River 1000 pieces item no. 10876 (Reveal Solution)
13 Calendar Girls 1000 pieces item no. 10879 (Reveal Solution)
14 Football Madness 1000 pieces item no. 10902 (Reveal Solution)
15 Run Like The Wind 1000 pieces item no. 10914 (Reveal Solution)
16 Catch of the Day 1000 pieces item no. 10919 (Reveal Solution)
17 Ballroom Blushes 1000 pieces item no. 13638 (lower res)
18 Uproar at the Vets 1000 pieces item no. 13219 (Reveal Solution)
19 Cone-gestion 1000 pieces item no. 17232 (Reveal Solution)
20 Fishy Business 1000 pieces item no. 17305 (Reveal Solution)
21 Football Fever 1000 pieces item no. 17408 (Reveal Solution)
22 WASGIJ Studio Tour 1500 pieces item no. 19101 (Reveal Solution)
23 The Bake Off 1000 pieces Item no. 19113 (Reveal Solution)
24 A very Merry Holiday 1000 pieces Item no. 19128 (Reveal Solution)
25 Deal Breaker 1000 pieces Item no. 19129 (Reveal Solution)
26 Celebrity Chief Chef 1000 pieces Item no. 19150 (Reveal Solution)
27 The 20th Party Parade! 1000 pieces Item No. 19151 (Reveal Solution)
28 Dropping The Weight 1000 pieces Item No. 19156 (Reveal Solution)
29 Catching Wedding Fever 1000 pieces Item No. 19159 (Reveal Solution)
30 Strictly Can’t Dance! 1000 pieces Item No. 16160 (Reveal Solution)
31 Safari Suprise! 1000 pieces Item No. 19164 (Reveal Solution)
32 The Big Weigh In! 1000 pieces Item No. 19170 (Reveal Solution)
33 Calm On The Canal! 1000 pieces Item No. 19173 (Reveal Solution)
34 A Piece of Pride 1000 pieces Item No. 19181 (Reveal Solution)
35 Car Boot Capers! 1000 pieces Item no. 19184 (Reveal Solution)
36 New Years Resolution! 1000 pieces Item no. 25000 (Reveal Solution)
37 Holiday Fiasco! 1000 pieces Item no. 25004 (Reveal Solution)
38 Market Meltdown! 1000 pieces Item no. 25010 (Reveal Solution)
39 Chinese New year! 1000 pieces Item no. 25011 (Reveal Solution)

Original Retro (1)

1 A Sunday Drive (Special Edition / 20th Anniversary) 1000 pieces (Reveal Solution)

Mystery (22)

1 Wasgij Express 1000 pieces item no. 01988 (Reveal Solution)
2 Stop the Clock 1000 pieces item no. 10878 (Reveal Solution)
3 Drama at the Opera 1000 pieces item no. 10900 (Reveal Solution)
4 Live Entertainment 1000 pieces item no. 10915 (Reveal Solution)
5 Sundy Lunch 1000 pieces item no. 10917 (Reveal Solution)
6 Camping Commotion 1000 pieces item no. 13637 (Reveal Solution)
7 Everything Must Go! 1000 pieces item no. 13250 (Reveal Solution)
8 The Final Hurdle 1000 pieces item no. 17128 (Reveal Solution)
9 Great Train Robbery 1000 pieces item no. 17301 (Reveal Solution)
10 Spring Has Sprung 1000 pieces item no. 17406 (Reveal Solution)
11 Childcare 1000 pieces item no. 19110 (Reveal Solution)
12 The Unusual Suspects 1000 pieces Item no. 19127 (illustration)  (Reveal Solution)
13 A Purrrfect Escape! 1000 pieces Item no. 19143 (Reveal Solution)
14 The Hound of the Wasgijville! 1000 pieces Item No. 19158 (Reveal Solution)
15 A Typical British BBQ! 1000 pieces Item No. 19163 (Reveal Solution)
16 Birthday Suprise 1000 pieces Item No. 16165 (Reveal Solution)
17 Catching a Break 1000 pieces Item No. 19175 (Reveal Solution)
18 Grabbing a Quick Bite! 1000 pieces Item No. 19179(Reveal Solution)
19 Bingo Blunder! 1000 pieces Item no. 19182(Reveal Solution)
20 Mountain Mayhem! 1000 pieces Item no. 25002(Reveal Solution)
21 Trouble Brewing! 1000 pieces Item no. 25006(Reveal Solution)
22 Wasgij Winter Games! 1000 pieces Item no. 25012(Reveal Solution)

Destiny (24)

1 Time of our Lives 1000 pieces item no. 10141 (Reveal Solution)
2 The Proposal 1000 pieces item no. 10142 (Reveal Solution)
3 The Sands of Time 1000 pieces item no. 10486 (Reveal Solution)
4 Olympic Odyssey 1000 pieces item no. 10986 (Reveal Solution)
5 Time Travel 1000 pieces item no. 01993 (Reveal Solution)
6 Child Play 1000 pieces item no. 10877 (Reveal Solution)
7 Rock around the Clock 1000 pieces item no. 10899 (Reveal Solution)
8 High Season 1000 pieces item no. 10913 (Reveal Solution)
9 Super Models 1000 pieces item no. 10918 (Reveal Solution)
10 High Street Hassle 1000 pieces item no. 13636 (Reveal Solution)
11 The Office 1000 pieces item no. 13200 (Reveal Solution)
12 Market Mayhem 1000 pieces item no. 17231 (Reveal Solution)
13 Commuting Chaos 1000 pieces item no. 17303 (Reveal Solution)
14 How Times have Changed 1000 pieces item no. 17407 (Reveal Solution)
15 Shopping Shake Up! 1000 pieces item no. 19109 (Reveal Solution)
15th Anniversary – A Royal Knees-up 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17234 (Reveal Solution)
16 Old Time Rockers 1000 Pieces Item no. 19125 (illustration)  (Reveal Solution)
17 Paying The Price 1000 Pieces Item No. 19141 (Reveal Solution)
18 Fast Food Frenzy 1000 pieces Item No. 19157 (Reveal Solution)
19 The Puzzlers Arms 1000 Pieces Item No. 19166(Reveal Solution)
20 The Toy Shop 1000 Pieces Item No. 19171(Reveal Solution)
21 Highway Hold-up! 1000 Pieces Item No. 19180(Reveal Solution)
22 Trip To The Tip! 1000 Pieces Item No. 25001(Reveal Solution)
23 Theme Park Thrills 1000 Pieces Item No. 25005(Reveal Solution)
24 Business as Usual! 1000 Pieces Item No. 25013(Reveal Solution)

What If (2)

1 Money Grows on Trees? 1000 pieces Item no. 17300 (Reveal Solution)
2 What if Dinosaurs Still Existed? 1000 pieces item no. 17409 (Reveal Solution)

Imagine (4)

1 Conservative win 1000 pieces Item no. 19108 (Reveal Solution)
Labour win 1000 pieces Item no. 19107 (Reveal Solution)
Liberal Democrats Win 1000 pieces Item no. 19106 (Reveal Solution)
2 If The Wheel Had Not Been Invented 1000 pieces Item no. 19132 (Reveal Solution)
3 Slumber Party 1000 pieces Item No. 19142 (Reveal Solution)

Christmas (17)

1 Special Delivery 500 pieces item no. 10973 (Reveal Solution)
2 True Love, Cinderella 500 pieces item no. 13132 (Reveal Solution)
3 Short Circuit 500 pieces item no. 13458 (Reveal Solution)
4 White Christmas / Christmas chaos 500/1000 pieces item no. 17256 (Reveal Solution)
5 That Warm Christmas Feeling 1000 pieces item no. 13520 (Reveal Solution)
6 A Very Merry Christmas 1000 pieces item no. 13639 (Reveal Solution)
7 Christmas Stuffing 1000 pieces item no. 13225 (Reveal Solution)
8 Christmas Getaway 1000 pieces item no. 17233 (Reveal Solution)
9 A Bright Christmas Night 1000 pieces item no. 17307 (Reveal Solution)
10 Mystery Shopper 2 x 1000 pieces item no. 17410 (Reveal Solution)
11 Double Trouble 1000 pieces item no. 19112 (Reveal Solution)
12 The BigTurn on 1000 Pieces Item no. 19131 (Reveal Solution)
13 Turkeys Delight 1000 Pieces Item No. 19148 (Reveal Solution)
14 Santa’s Little Helpers’s! 1000 pieces Item No. 19162 (Reveal Solution)
15 Santas unexpected delivery 1000 pieces Item No. 19172(Reveal Solution)
16 The Christmas Show 2x 1000 pieces Item no. 19183 (Reveal Solution)
17 Elf Inspection! 2x 1000 pieces Item no. 25003 (Reveal Solution)

Back To (3)

1 Basics 1000 pieces Item no. 19111 (Reveal Solution)
2 A 14th Century Castle 1000 pieces Item no. 19123 (Reveal Solution)
Berlin 1000 pieces Item no. 19117 (Reveal Solution)
3 Barbers And Beehives 1000 pieces Item no. 19147 (Reveal Solution)

Mini Wasgij (9)

1 Weed Killer 54 pieces (lower res)
2 Safari Splash 54 pieces (Reveal Solution)
3 Monkey Business 54 pieces (lower res)
4 Open Wide 54 pieces (Reveal Solution)
5 Barbecue Fun 54 pieces (lower res)
6 Anyone for Tennis 54 pieces (lower res)
7 Mountain Course 54 pieces (Reveal Solution)
8 Animal Friends 54 pieces (Reveal Solution)
9 High and Dry 54 pieces (Reveal Solution)

150 Pieces (4)

Original – Splashing Around (Reveal Solution)
Destiny – Road Trip (Reveal Solution)
Mystery – Dog Show (Reveal Solution)
Christmas – A Christmas Carol (Reveal Solution)

Licensed (7)

only fool and horses (Duckin N Divin) 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17309 (Reveal Solution 1) (Reveal Solution 2)
only fool and horses Destiny 2x 1000 pieces item no. 19104
Coronation Street Return to the Rovers 2x 1000 pieces item no. 13566 (Reveal Solution 1) (Reveal Solution 2)
Carry On Cappers 2x 1000 pieces item no. 13459 (lower res 1) (lower res 2)
Disney Limited Edition – Mickey & Friends 2x 500 pieces (Reveal Solution)

Junior (3)

1 Scrooge’s surprise 100 pieces Item no. 19120 (Reveal Solution)
Halloween 100 pieces Item no. 19114
3 Monster Fun Day 100 pieces Item no. 19126 (Reveal Solution)


Wasgij Family Original 1 – Boom and Bust Finale 615 Piece (Reveal Solution)
Marks & Spencer Limited Edition (lower res)
10th anniversary 1000 pieces (Reveal Solution)

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    56 Responses

    1. Shanee Newing says:

      hi kevin, i think its a wonderful idea that you are ding puzzles then posting them online as it gives other people help. i have just bought a wasgij puzzle and didnt realise its not an ordinary puzzle and have no clue what the final puzzle is. I have Original puzzle 4 “A Day to Remember” and have looked everywhere for a solution. Do you know anywhere where i might have better luck??

      Many Thanks, Shanee 🙂

      • Kevin Simon says:

        Hi Shanee,
        Yeah I thought would be a good idea to post completed puzzles on line, though it is cheating 🙂 I don’t have that one but the site i found useful was Here they have low quality images but does give you the idea, hope this helps, Kevin UPDATE The link Supplied Doesn’t seem to work at moment, not sure if website gone down.

    2. graham bradley says:

      I say chaps, it really isn’t fair you know – one mustn’t let on what the finished picture is – it sort of defeats the original epithet of Wasgij.

      Let the punter work it out – that’s the therapy!

      Happy Wasgijing


      • Audrey Stafford says:

        So right, if you don’t want the challenge, don’t buy Wasgij. I love them and never cheat. Just work at it.
        Thanks Wasgij for many happy hours.

    3. graham bradley says:

      Oh and PS – I’ve got them all and done 90% of them and NO I’m not letting on what the finished picture looks like.


    4. david says:

      do you have destiny puzzle number 10? it is doing my head in

    5. Steph says:

      I have the no 10 high street hassle and it took me 2hours to do the edge!! Please someone show me the finished image ,!! Steph

    6. I have updated with complete list of wasgij jigsaws, now added more images

    7. Kevin says:

      Do you have only fool and horses 2x 1000 pieces item no. 17309 solution yet?

    8. Wendy says:

      Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for the list of Wasjigs, I have been looking for a list for ages and don’t understand why the manufacturers don’t publish one. I’ve been doing them for a long time and always enjoy them. Are you going to update your list – they now have an additional range called Back To – but you’ve obviously been busy.

      • Hi wendy, Yeah I have been busy, Have just updated list, well complete overhaul of page with more solution images and easier navigation.

        Thanks for your kind comments

    9. Hi Kevin, this posting is so helpful to see the wasjig puzzles that we have done. I’m amazed that there was so many titles. I’m hooked & my wife has got the bug. Would find it hard now to go back to other traditional puzzles.

    10. Laurie says:

      Hi Kevin….I’m from London Ontario Canada. I am having trouble finding the 12 The big turn on. The second puzzle. not the one on the box. I see u hav finished the two SOS I need your help. Thank you

    11. Shirley Deeson says:

      Do you have a completed picture for The Big Turn On. 12.

    12. Anonymous says:

      Hi Kevin

      Love your Wasjig solutions. I’ve just finished the Big Turn On -Christmas puzzle 12. Do you want a photo of the solution?

    13. Anonymous says:

      Wasgij puzzles really helped me to enjoy puzzling again. The solutions are not cheating as some would think. I appreciate knowing where to start. I can’t possibly have such imagination to work at the solution as I find it challenging enough even with the conclusion. I am 86 yrs of age. So continue to give us the solution, otherwise I we may have to give them a miss. We have about 10 puzzles thus far so hopefully help will continue to give us mush pleasure.
      Thank you Holsdon’s for wonderful joy these bring us.

    14. Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much Kevin, you are a hero posting those. Completely reduced my stress levels. Ruby

    15. Lyne says:

      Hi… what does the number in the circle mean? Does it mean difficulty level by the color of the circle?

    16. Pauline says:

      I have all the 1000 piece puzzles – approximately 100 – do you know of anyone that might be interested in purchasing any of them for a reduced fee? I am desperate to regain some room in my spare bedroom.

      • waltraud Schlüssel says:

        Hallo Pauline, i have read your notice in this moment (22.08.21)
        I have many wasgij puzzle and I want to have Original 25 (deal breaker) .
        I want to buy this puzzle. I live in Germany near Cologne
        When you selling this puzzle please contact me


    17. Kevin Emberson says:

      I’ve got a finished, Christmas 13
      Turkey’s Delight 19149-2.
      Do you want a copy of it,

    18. Rhian says:

      Hi Kevin
      I love your site to help me keep track of what Wasgij puzzles I still need to purchase/find/do. I only use the photos if I’m really stuck as to where something goes…

      One question – are there two different versions of A Sunday Drive?? One seems to be ‘puzzlr what the horse sees’ and the other is ‘puzzle what Gran sees.’ is it the same solution??

    19. Victoria Springett says:

      Hi kevin.
      I have completed Wasgij original 30 strictly can’t dance and i wondered if you would like my completed picture for your site. I’m over the moon with it xx

      • Alison says:

        Hi Victoria, i was bouth Wasjig 30 for Christmas, i just can’t get my head round it, I would love the solution to be posted.

    20. Carol Foote says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Many thanks for this brilliant service you provide.
      Like you, I was horrified when I bought my first Wasgij at Chtirstmas time, and thought the wrong puzzle was in the box. Since then, I must admit, I have become slightly addicted, and have bought several from ebay, and sold them on when I’ve done them.
      My son’s bought me one for Mother’s Day, brand new , what a luxury!! It is WASGIJ Original #31 Safari Surprise. I couldn’t find a good pic anywhere, and really struggled. Probably the first one I’ve done with very little help. I would be happy to send you the completed photo for you to share if you would like it.
      Once again, a big thank you,

    21. Karen Heibner says:

      Hello Kevin
      Do you have solution for a Sunday drive 20th anniversary puzzle.

    22. Mary Henson says:

      I’m having difficulty in completing the coronation Street puzzle, anyone managed to finish them?

    23. Danny Morris says:

      Hi Kevin. I get an error message when I try to send a picture.

    24. Sian says:

      Really stuck on puzzle. Tue one i have is not on your website. Please add it. Its stricly cant dance. Help meeeee.

    25. Denise Bain says:

      Just started a summer’s day with my Dad do you have this so I now what the writing is?

    26. Gillian says:

      This may be the wrong thing to ask wasgij fans but is there another make that does a similar style of jigsaw – ie. not just what’s on the cover/box? I ask as my 78 year old mother loves them but I can never find one she doesn’t have! My Dad thinks she has them all. Thanks

    27. ANN ROLLING says:

      My son purchased Strictly Can’t Dance no 30 for me for my birthday last week, I have completed the puzzle I was somewhat disappointed to find that the puzzle in my box was That Warm Christmas Feeling no 5. Anybody else had the wrong puzzle in the wrong box!

    28. I carnt find the solution to a flaming good Christmas

      • Kevin Simon says:

        Hi sometimes the puzzles have different nanes, though the numbers are the same, so a flaming good Christmas no. 5 is also called “that warm Christmas felling”

    29. IRDC says:

      I just bought Wasgij? Mystery 2 150 Pieces “What a Loch of Trouble!”

    30. Some of your solution pics are not very good,I realise this is not your fault,you just print pics sent to you.I have just completed WASGIJ 32 The big weigh in and am send you a pic of the finished puzzle.

    31. Gordon Oke says:

      Hi Kevin
      Do you have the solution to Mystery 20 (Mountain Mayhem) ?
      Kind regards.

    32. Lynn Futter says:

      Hallo Kevin – I have tried to send a clearer photo of Ballroom Blushes (Original 17) to you via the form but no luck. Can you let me know if there’s another way please.
      Thank you so much for this site

    33. jan cremers says:

      I try to upload the solution of Mauntain Mayhem but is doens not work. The lille wheel keeps spinning

    34. jan cremers says:

      Solution Mountain Mayhem

    35. Lins Ohara says:

      Have you solution for Christmas 2 please

    36. Diane says:

      Hi I was looking for the solution for mystery no 18 grabbing a quick bite – clicked on the solution but it says not found – could you have a look please

    37. J. faraway says:

      My sister takes her time with these puzzles.
      Break the puzzle down by border or frame first,
      faces, color of clothes, furniture i hands and
      body parts. Whatever it takes.
      Only use the box picture as a reference.
      She even did one upside down.

    38. Lini says:

      Does anyone know who the lady in the hat is ,she appears in many puzzles .and twins ?

    39. Neil Howard says:

      Do you have finished pictures of the following puzzles. I have them and will upload any you do not have. Original 30,32,33,34 and38. Destiny 4,5,19 and22

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