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Wasgij Checklist (Printable PDF or Mobile App or PC)

ByKevin Simon

Jan 17, 2023

Have you ever wanted a way to keep track of the Wasgij puzzles you have got and done which at time of writing this article there are 173 Wasgij Jigsaws produced and around five new ones come out each year. It does become hard to keep track. Myself I have brough duplicates over the years as I may see one on a carboot or in a charity shop and look at the box and think have I haven’t done this one and then get back home and realise it’s one I brought ages ago that I still haven’t got round to doing.

So I have created two products to help you have a checklist that you mark off the ones you have got / done and can keep with you so when out shopping to can check against that list. Available in just a Printable PDF or Interactive spreadsheet for MOBILE or PC (very easy to use)

Read on for more details or click links below

With both having added feature of links to every solution. I have created both of these myself and I keep this site going with the online list and photos of the solutions HERE. I don’t really make any money of out the site other than a small amount from adverts on the site. But because the work involved in creating both of these I have had to make them chargeable, especially the spreadsheet one due to the large amount of time and effort that went into creating that one. Think of it this way for the small amount either one is costing this will be cheaper than finding out you have wasted money buying a duplicate puzzle. Also the money from these goes to keep this site alive and solution list.

Printable Checklist

The first one I have done is for people who prefer working with pen and paper which is a download file in PDF format ( so will work with any system) that is designed for printing. This lists all puzzles and is separate into the different ranges i.e. original, destiny, mystery, Christmas etc. You then have the main number, name, item number and amount of pieces. with a box that you can mark off when printed . When printed will take up 4 pages though when printing can set to print either 2 or 4 pages per sheet so can end up just one sheet of A4 paper, so can fold up in wallet or purse. So if you are in a shop you can check against you list.

In addition to printing the PDF file each puzzle item list has a link back to the solution image on this blog, so for example you have original 17, and are stuck if you open up the pdf file on your computer or even phone, find in the list original 17, tap or click on that one and will go straight to the solution photo for original 17 direct as long as you are connected to the internet.

The price for the printable PDF checklist file is only £2.49 Though if you wish to upgrade to the spreadsheet version which includes the PDF file within 30 days you can get your original purchased price reduced off the spreadsheet cost. To purchase click the link below.

Interactive Spreadsheet

The second file I have produced is great for keeping track of your Wasgij puzzle checklist electronically. I have 2 versions The first file uses Google sheets, for anyone that doesn’t know is Google sheets is an online spreadsheet program by google, so this means it is free to use all you need is a Google account. Which anyone with an Android phone, ie Samsung, LG, Motorola etc will have a Google account as this is needed to use your phone.

Or for anyone that wants it more on pc or mac I have an excel file, this can be used with Microsoft Excel or even any of the free office suits, ie Libre Office or Open Office.

This one is great for mobile devices though can be used on pc’s or mac’s. For mobile devices whether that be a android device or iPhone , I would recommend you download the Google sheets app. You can then even create a shortcut to the file on your home screen. The file is separated into separate sheets for the different ranges of Wasgij. You then have a list of all the puzzles in that range with a description of each puzzle with item number etc, also a thumbnail of the box art again the same as the PDF each one has a link back to the solution photo for that puzzle.

You can mark the puzzles you have by taping or clicking the check box next to the jigsaw you want to mark off, this then changes the background colour for that one and also puts lines through the text so very easy so see which ones you have marked off. So this one is great as we all have our mobile phones with us all the time, so you always have at hand a complete check list when you are out shopping.

This one is priced at just £5.99 and as a added FREE BONUS with this version you also get the above printable PDF file included, so you can get the best of both. Click the link below to purchase.

Additional info

Payment is secure by PayPal by either using a PayPal account or all major credit cards again processed by PayPal. Again I wish I could supply these free of charge but do remember again money from sales of these keeps this site going with the links to every Wasgij solution image that I have to keep updating as new Puzzles come out which I have to buy and update the list etc.

If you don’t want to purchase the files you could consider a donate to the site by click the button below.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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