Charlecote Park Visit

Decided to go to charlecote park today and being the free weekend was a great time to go,  Charlecote park is a 16th century Tudor house in Warwickshire, close to Stratford upon avon, which we went to also.

According to the information Sir Thomas Lucy began construction of the building in 1551, though the estate had been within that family since 1247, It was completed in 1558 and was the first great Elizabethan manor house to be built in warwickshire.

Well on to my thoughts on our visit, the house is set in very grand grounds, with a deer park, the river avon runs at the bottom the the garden area at the back, as today was a lovely day was a very nice and relaxing walk around the estate.  The house itself after having a look inside is very grand and beautiful.  There are some great views of St Leonards church. There are loads more to see, I’m not going to go into everything, just sharing what a very nice place it is to visit

I would really recommend going for a visit to Charlecote park, as did enjoy trip there today.

Have a look at some of the photos I have taken today, click on the link below or click on the photo albums link at the top.

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Update 2013, we are now full national trust member so will be going again to visit this great place, this time with the kids as think they will enjoy it, for upto date price see official website HERE

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