Tyntesfield House & Gardens Visit

We had a weekend away in Brean, Somerset and as we are National Trust members look at what was around the area, We decided to go to Tyntesfield House which is more near Bristol but was only about a 40min drive so thought we would go for a visit after we had been to Weston-Super-Mare. Entrance prices are Adults £14.80, Children £7.50 and family £36.80, with option of gift aid. This is for the whole property though if you want to visit the gardens and estate only the prices are just over half the above prices. Prices are correct at the time of our visit for more information see the website.

From the entrance, which has the shop and restaurant / cafe. It is unusual as you have to go upstairs to enter the gorunds, unfortunately the day we visited the lift was out of order. It is then about a 15 minute walk to the main house, there are two ways to go one up the main path and the other through the gardens woodland gardens. There are two floors to go around the house, we went through few of the rooms, but unfortunately I didn’t feel well at all and just needed to get out for some fresh air, I told the missus to carry on looking around the house, she said was very nice, but as she was worried about me she didn’t spend that long going around.

After I came out of the main entrance I just sat on some benches in the courtyard, from here you can see how impressive this ghothic inspired house is. Now because I had to get out the missus said to me there must have been a spirit that wanted to get me out, she is into the ghost tv shows etc, as well before going into the house my batteries died on my camera, and then sitting down ouside my phone battery died also. I don’t belive all that type of stuff I think it was mainly to do with my medication which makes me fuzzy headeded and very tired Sometimes. Though would be interesting to find out if anybody has felt the same

As I was not well the walk back was hard and really didn’t appreciate the beauty of the gardens and the view of the house as wish I could have looked around as really did look a nice place. To wake me up we had a drink in the restaurant, which is unusual as it is the old Victoria cow barn With seating in each of the stalls. Prices for drinks were reasonable. Sorry for not that many pictures because of my batteries running out. I would like to go back again when get the chance and are in that area.

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