Weekend Camping break June 2019 in Porlock by Minehead

First day of weekend break camping, we were going to Bath, but on way down decided to go to Minehead, Julie looked at what was around with national trust, English heritage etc and seen a castle that looked nice, so rang a campsite Spark Hayes in Porlock, just outside on Minehead, we got there at about 10.45, we set off just after 7.

Campsite large over two fields , £38 for the two nights, setup tent etc and was done by 12, went to Dunster Castle , as we got there seemed familiar, just after ticket office and walking up, both me and Julie realised we had been here before (was on day trip when we was stopping at Brean last year.) We had been round the castle before but hadn’t gone to the village. So had a nice walk around the village and short woodland walk (well long in time in my case as was in bit of pain, so was a tad slow) We went around the town and doll museum (which is free), nice quaint village with nice garden and beautiful church, few shops to look around.

On way back to campsite we stopped of at supermarket to get some food, as we had taken a frying pan this time to do sausage and egg cobs for our tea. This was the first time we had used the gas stove to cook on as normally only use for tea and coffee. We was impressed how quick it cooked.

After deciding where to go tomorrow, we are going to have a look around illfracombe. We had a stroll through the village of Porlock , again small but nice village with a few shops, though three pubs close together, some serving food. We had a drink in one and a a game of pool Julie beat me, then into another only few yards fro. Campsite. Of cause non alcoholic drink for me cause if medication. Been trying some of the alcohol free beer, though not keen on taste as have then as a shady.

On way back the sun was setting and looked gorgeous, so quickly took this photo of the sky behind the church.

Had a nice evening then back to the tent to play a few game of cards before going to bed again Julie beat me 🤗. I’m in a lot of pain and struggling but will push through.

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