Frog Stuck in Pump

A customer rang me up as their pump had stopped working, as they are just under an hour away, I was said would talk them through to clean the pump. I first got them to get hold of the [pump while in the water, as they could feel vibration from the pump I knew that the pump had at least had power. I then got them to turn off the power and take the pump out of the water. Most pumps are in a cage surround. They opened this up to get to the pump and she said to me there was a frog stuck in it. At the time I wasn’t sure if she meant in the cage part or where, so sais could to send me a photo.

To my surprise the frog had got stuck within the pump itself, in the inlet just before the impellar. I told her she needed to pull the frog out, unforntuanly the frog was dead not surprised really. She put the pump back to get her and was then fully working.

The surprising thing is the cage that surrounds the pump has only small stilts now ore than 1cm in size, so not sure how it would have got in there. though if the cage wasn’t fully clipped on this would make big enough gap for the frog to get in

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