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My Favorite Walking Sim Type Games

ByKevin Simon

May 16, 2016

Gone Home (Page 5)


**The Guest**

In the guest you are Dr. Leonov and start in a gloomy hotel room, and have to figure out what is going on as your character does seem to be suffering from a mental illness which does affect his grasp on reallity. There are more puzzles in this game that others of its kind, so this game is more of a room escape game than a walking type sim.

The story does draw you in and the puzzles are pretty easy, the game dosnt last that long, I didnt finish it fully as got literally to the last door and the puzzle was a musical one that you had to follow the tones, to be honest im not that good at these so left it, but will go back to it again.

£6.99 (Steam)

Gone Home (Page 5)


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By Kevin Simon

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