My Favorite Walking Sim Type Games

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Lately I have been getting back into playing videos games. Myself I do enjoy games that have a great story, though I’m not really into the shooting type of game, though I have enjoyed the reboots of Tomb Raider and the Uncharted series of game, but I prefer the exploration parts of these game more that the combat.

So for me I really like the games that have been classed as Walking simulators Well first that’s if you class these type of games as real games. As some people will find these games boring i.e. no action. Calling them walking simulator seems to me a bit unfair as they do sound boring, I myself would more class them as interactive stories.

These kind of game would more be suited for people that enjoy reading books, this is because as you get further in these game the story begins to develop and you can get engrossed in the story, just like a book.

With these type of games there is no time limit or urgency to get from one part to another you can explore at your own pace and enjoy the story or scenery. As games most dont last that long at really max around 5-6hrs gameplay, but unlike your triple A games, they are a lot cheaper at around £8-£15. Some of the games once completed you may not want to play again but others you will want to play though again in case you missed something or just to enjoy the whole experience again.

Below are some of these types of games that I have played recently, and really looking forward to playing Everyone’s gone to the rapture for the PC that has just been released as was only PS4 exclusive (though may have got a PS4 just for this and Uncharted 4). Will keep updating this page as I play more of these games. So why not follow this site for updates.

There are two games do want to play but unsure the first is The Witness this game is like a walking sim but does have loads of line puzzles through with up to 100hrs of gameplay, I don’t have the time to put into this game. The second is That Dragon, Cancer which does seem a sad game, though this may hit a nerve with me, but will get top this one eventually.

While on the subject That Dragon, Cancer The creator and designer of this game has recently said so far he hasn’t made any money of this game as people are watching the complete walk through’s of the game on YouTube. With these types of games, that are more of a story people think why should I buy the game if I can just watch the story. Well first yes you are getting the story by watching the game, but you aren’t getting the full enjoyment of the exploration side. This is why I PLAY these games, as if just wanted to watch a story would watch the crap that’s on tv. But the programmes that are on tv is what made me start playing these games in the first place.

Some of the the games I have played so far are: Firewatch, Dear Esther, Home Sick, Gone Home, Vanishing of Ethan carter (not finished). Games that want to play soon: Ether One, The Park, Dream, The Path.

So see the following pages for quick reviews on the games i have played so far.

Firewatch (Page 2)

Homesick (Page 3)

Dear Esther (Page 4)

Gone Home (Page 5)

The Guest (page 6)

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