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Setting I Change After Installing Custom ROM

ByKevin Simon

Aug 3, 2018

There are a few that I change in settings to suit me. The following settings I change the locations are based on the Resurrection Remix ROM I have installed though most of these are in other custom roms though may be under different headings within the settings menu.

The main one for my Samsung Tablet is the hardware buttons as yes having these does save space on the main screen, but I found holding the tablet in portrait mode I kept tapping the back button by accident. To disable the hardware buttons and enable the soft keys by going to “settings” then “configurations” then “buttons” and the first one is” enable on screen navigation bar” but before setting this I Find that long pressing the home button is useful to put the device to sleep / screen off, so under home button on the same screen “long press Action” set to “screen off” under hardware keys. Also sometimes I find it useful to change the other default buttons for different function on long press or double tap. Also on the buttons setting on the “power menu” it is useful to have “screenshot” and “sound panel” on.

On my tablet I prefer to change the locations of the buttons, ie on my phone which I keep hardware buttons enabled they are in this order menu, home, back. But by default android has back, home, menu. as I cant change the physical button location on the phone I prefer both my main devices to be in the same location. This can be changed by Buttons – navigation bar – smart bar settings – Toggle button editor, will show blue icon at top, press and hold the icon you want to move and drag to the location of your choice. You can also change icon actions from here and even add other icon functions. Once finished click the blue icon at the top.

I prefer not to have a lock screen on my tablet as really not needed this can be disabled within settings – security – screen lock set to none. While on this section if like me you sidelong apps or even use the Amazon app store, you need to turn on “unknown sources”

On the sound side it annoys me when you tap an icon you get a sound, this can be disabled under ‘setting – sounds – other sounds’ you can disable touch sounds and vibration on tap. Also on the sound side for my tablet I like the volume buttons to control the media volume as default is set to control ring volume which is pointless on a tablet without a sim card. This an be changed under “settings – buttons” and under the volume buttons turn off “control ringing volume” while within the volume section it is a good idea to set “reorient” thus swaps the volume up and down when the device is rotated.

I also don’t see the point of when you plug your device to charge the screen come on this can be changed through settings – display and then disable “wake in plug” also while in this section you can change the sleep after no activity, this is useful to keep this low on phone, but on tablet which I use for rendering etc I prefer this at 2 minutes.

On the status bar I like the following. Battery icon, i prefer to see the percentage of the battery displayed as text either next to the icon or just the text, this can done from settings – configuration – battery “status bar battery style” and or “battery percentage”. Clock I like the time in the center on the status bar like apple ios, this can be done through setting – configuration – status bar – click customisation, you can also get to display date etc from here as well.

I’m trying a feature called App cycle bar, this is a place that you can store apps to launch quickly, if swipe from right of the screen. I’m not sure of this yet as I have sometime opened it up when not meant to. This can be configured, enabled and disabled by going to settings – configurations – gestures – app circle bar.

Changing the default font size etc, this can be useful on large tablet where you want to see more text on screen if the app you are using that don’t support resting on fonts. This s done through settings configuration – interface, here you can change font size, display size theme etc. In this section you can also change the screenshot options I find setting screen shot crop and share on, as when taking screenshot have chance of editing this is especially useful with the s-pen.

I like to change the default shortcuts from the pull down status bar, this is done by pulling down the status bar fully and clicking on the pen icon at the top. The Edit screen is separate into two parts the top darker part is the icons that will be displayed and the bottom lighter part is the icons you can add. To move one just tap and hold and drag to the bottom part, to add do the reverse. Though I do sometimes have problems dragging from the bottom part but do persist and will evenly get it right. One of the useful ones is the screenshot button if you just tap this this changes from capturing the whole screen to being able to screenshot part of the screen. to use just tap and hold.

These are just the main setting I Change to suit me, though that’s the advantage of android is that you can change to how you want. The other thing I do is normally change the default launcher to Nova launcher and also prefer SwiftKey as the keyboard, as this supports quick shortcuts for blocks of text. And of course I Change the background wallpapers for both home and lock screen.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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