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5Litre Portable Camping Toilet Review

ByKevin Simon

Jul 30, 2018

Now lets get down to basics when camping going to the toilet can be a bit of a pain. We are new to camping and all the sites we have been on have had nice toilet facilities, but sometimes a good few minutes walk and let’s be honest when you are desperate that extra few minutes feels like ages and trying to cross your legs as well 🙂 . I had a look around and seen a fair few different types of portable toilets, some are just a bucket with a lid on them others have proper flushing and separate tank. I decided on the type that is in the middle of that which costs between £25-£40. It has a 5litre capacity.
This type does looks like a small toilet with proper size toilet seat and lid. Inside the other part of the toilet is what is basically a bucket with lid on it. On the side of the outer is a detachable metal toilet roll holder. The construction seems solid though basic looking. On first assembly I did have to clip in the toilet seat and lid. There was another part to it which is a half circle shape that curves down, not sure what this was for as didnt clip anywhere and the one we orderded didn’t come with any litrature, but realy it is simple to assemble.

Now we only wanted one of these for basically going for a wee and not the other. As it is only me and the missus that go camping, we had in the one corner of the living area of our two room tent. Though if you are a family you can get seperate pop-up toilet / shower tents, for us this really wasn’t needed. For freshness we put abit of water in the bucket part and some nice smelling disinfectant. But to be honest with the lid on there was no smell at all. To have the lid on you lift both the cover and toilet seat and then they rest back down.
We used for the first time on our last camping trip which was for 3 nights. Basically we only used for when we had got back in after our night out, thought the night if needed and first thing in the morning. For the missus she could sit down, though a bit low sitting down. For me the toilet is too low to have a pee, I found kneeling down in front was easier. For us just before going out for the day we removed the bucket part with the lid on and carried to the toilet block to empty as the bucket part has a built in carrying handle.

For the price of this it makes camping that much easier, as we all know when you wake up you really need a pee if you have been out for the night even if drinking soft drinks (which I now can only drink) you don’t really want to get shoes on and walk to the toilet block. But even so after we had been out for a meal etc and just relaxing in the tent the one night it was raining, so having this saved having to go out in the rain once you are nice and cozy in your tent. It was a worth while purchase to make camping that much easier and convenient.


5 litre capacity – High-density Polyethylene Construction

Comfortable height Adult sized seat Hygienic Easy to empty

Removable waste bucket with lid – easy to empty

Ideal for camping, festivals, boats, outdoor events and emergencies

Ensure the plastic strengthening support is in place before replacing the water container

Compact when not in use, Outer shell can be used for storage when travelling

Toilet roll holder included 2 Side

Carrying handles

Approx Dimensions: 34 x 39.5 x 48.5 cm

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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