My Mini

I Brought a Austin Mini in April 2007 as I had just had some extra cash and I loved the Italian job and always wanted another mini. I had one a few years ago while my insurance was sorted after I had a car stolen, but then got rid of it.

So i decided one night after watching the Italian job that I would get a mini as a second card as I already had a estate company car. So the mini was the perfect weekend car.

I looked through the bargain pages and found the car I brought i had to pick it up from bridgenorth.

The car was a 1.1, it had chrome bumpers, light covers,grill etc and it had a very nice wooden dash. It was a really fun car to drive. Though after about 5months had to change the car for a more practical car, as I left my job and the mini was then my only car.

Here is my gallery of a few of my photos of my mini.
[SWF], 590, 450[/SWF]

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