Chasewater Vintage & Classic Transport Show 2011

On Sunday the 17th April 2011 was the third annual vintage & classic car show at chasewater country park, the event was on between 11am and 5pm. This event was free as it was a fund-raising event for local charities.

There were load of cars, trucks, bikes, coaches, army vehicles on display, i would say there was over 500 different cars etc on display, if you are into your cars or bikes etc this would have made a nice day out.There was also stuff for the children with bouncy castles. Also there were all different types of stalls.

It is great to see all the old cars, the owners must spend ages keeping them immaculate, don’t think I could do it as have trouble just keeping my car clean 🙂 , Though I did own a very nice classic mini a few years ago, unfortunately I had to sell it, see the details HERE, I did enjoy looking at some of the mini’s on display, was speaking to some of the exhibitors, especially I think was the Sutton mini club.

My daughter did enjoy it, but as a girl she wasn’t that interested in all the cars, she did enjoy the dog show that was on, so was a really nice day, the only criticism I have it that I don’t think was advertised that well, as was only a friend and my next door neighbour that told me about it, I was over Chasewater the week before, but no sign around that I had seen to say that it was on, though there was loads of people there. We spend around 2hrs there.

For upto date information on the show and maybe details of next years show goto the official website HERE

Form more info on the work being carried out at Chasewater, see my other articles HERE for Feb 2011 or HERE for Feb 2010

Here are some of the photos I had taken on this nice day out.

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Just a quick addition at chasewater between Friday 22nd April to Bank holiday monday 25/4/2011 they are doing an easter egg hunt, with clues for the kids, the children would enjoy this and only costs £1 and they win a chocolate little egg.

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