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At the end of April 2006 I went to Majorca, I booked a all inclusive holiday to Palma Nova, staying in the hotel Honolulu. We flew from Manchester around midday, I had arrange for car parking just a short distance away from the airport, I would defiantly recommend parking your car instead of getting family/friends to drop you off as for the small cost of the parking is a lot easier for when you get back to get straight into your own car and get back home.

I have never been to Majorca before and the main thing we noticed when getting off the plane is that Palma airport is massive it took about 15mins to get from getting into the airport to get to the luggage collection.

The hotel Honolulu is a pretty good hotel, after checking in got to our room, the room was a standard twin room, pretty basic but not too bad the view that we had from our balcony was looking out from the back of the hotel down to the beach. The picture to the right is of gthe hotel from the front view. The swimming pool was really nice with alot of room and the bar right by the pool.

Because of getting there early evening, got everything unpacked and then went for some food in the restaurant, as like any other all inclusive package the food was on a help yourself basis, the food was ok a lot of choice, though not as good as going out to a restaurant, but cause all inc cant complain. As soon as finishing food got changed and went down to the bar / entertainment in the hotel, to be honest the entertainment wasn’t that good so went out on the town.

Like when you go on holiday to a place you have never been to before, not sure of where to go, but because we was in palma nova this bordered onto Magaluf, so loads of pubs clubs. As going down the street there are the people trying to incise you into each of the pubs offering free drinks and shots etc. We went to loads of pubs and because they open really late, did get a bit drunk. The only thing with the Hotel that we stopped in is that it is at the top of a big hill, not good when you had a few to drink.

To be honest because we went in late april the weather wasn’t that amazing temps were around 22-25C, though was a bit of a wind so not amazingly warm, so really couldn’t relax on beach or by the pool for too long.

The one day did go to a dolphin and aquatic park. Called marineland it is located about 5miles out of palma nova. There are daily show with the dolphins and sea lions. We got to sit right next to the pool to see the dolphins perform this was really great as being so close to the dolphins but did get really really wet :-), I took a video of the dolphins have a look in my gallery section for a short clip of the dolphins. There was also a tropical house and exotic birds there. There was also a very nice tropical aquarium. The weather was really good on this day and the was a great day out.

On the second day there we did get caught out with the timeshare scammers, though didn’t realize as someone in the street caught us gave us some scratch cards and I had won the star prize but to collect this had to go to somewhere to go though a sales pitch, so went, was promised bout 40 euros and 2 bottles of vodka, so though would go, but they really tried pushing us to sign up for this discount club to get cheap hols, in the end after over an hour and half I walked out, though they tried to get the person I was with to stay behind. Did get out of there in the end with 40 euros and the vodka, so that night the money paid for most of the drink so was ok.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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