Lichfield Cars in The Park 2011

We went to the annual Lichfield cars in the park on Sunday 3rd July 2011, the car show was in Beacon park, it was free to get in you just had to pay for parking within the park ground the price was £5 on Sunday but if you went on the Saturday it was £3 for all day. I had been to this show a few years ago and really did enjoy it, so we thought we would make the effort to go this year. We didn’t get there until after 11am, it was busy to get into the temporary car park but there was loads of space for parking, the marshals did a good job of directing the cars.

We first walked around the different stalls that was there before looking at the cars, we had food from one of the vending burger vans, which is the usual higher prices for a basic burger. There was so many cars on display, I would say that is looked like divided into two parts one for the independent individuals and then the car groups. There was loads of cars on display from really old models to the current manufactures with there current models.

There was a small arena part, from what we seen was a dance group, not sure what else went on in the arena as we looked around at all the cars. Also you could go out of beacon park, as we needed to get a few things from Lichfield as only a few minutes from beacon park to get to the city centre shops.

We had a great day out at the cars in the park annual show and will defiantly go again next year, the kids did enjoy it, boys will enjoy it more than most girls, but because of the charity stalls etc. with competition, tombola etc the kids did enjoy that part aswell. I had a great time as I love looking at the old cars and some of the cars when I was a kid wanted to own and liked. Not sure what else to say but all in all a good day out, just got to wait another year for the next one 🙂

Below is a quick panorama 360 view of the top end of the park with the car show, this was late in the day so not as many exhibitors there.

Below are just some of the photos I had taken that day, click on the picture for the larger view.

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