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Pelsall Carnival 2011

ByKevin Simon

Jul 4, 2011

We went to Pelsall Carnival, market & fair on Saturday 2nd July, We didn’t get there until after 11am parking wasn’t to bad most people had parked around the main roads around the common but the one side of the common you could park on the grass and cost was just a £1 for all day, which is good value.

We went around the market and carboot, this was a good market and a pretty good car boot as we got some good bargains 🙂 We then had some really nice fish and chips from the chip shop in the town “The Plaice” I have to admit these were really nice chips, We then waited around for the carnival to come by, though we wasn’t to sure of the time, we asked a few people but we was getting different times from 1pm to 1:45pm, the parade went past at 2pm, and was loads of people waiting to watch it, but in my opinion the parade was a little disappointing, only two floats including a small one with the queen or whatever she was 🙂 of Pelsall in and a marching band, two type of dance groups and really that was it, so nearly you could have blinked and missed it lol.

The fair was normal price for a fair of this type of between £2 to £3 each ride, so like all these things can work out a little expensive for a family. There was also some marques with different things in, also fire engines that the kids could go in and small rides for smaller children. There was also a lot of charity stalls, there also was an arena area with different things going on we seen a moterbike display which all the riders were all under 16 years old, also a dance group, not sure of other displays etc going on within the arena as we had a nice walk around the whole event.

It was a nice part day out, the only thing like I have said the parade was a little disappointing, if we go next year, will defiantly go for the market & carboot, but probably not stop around for the parade which is a shame as this could be a really good event as there were loads of people that had turned out for the event, as this could be a really nice carnival. So was a good day with loads for kids and adults alike to do and enjoy. Take a look at the photos I took that day, I apologise for the quality as these pictures were taken on my phone as didn’t have my main camera on me at the time.

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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  1. hi the trouble with the carnival parade is the health and saftey issues and the cost insurace is 15.000 pound for one day out of the goodnss of haywards transport shaun hayward provides this and will offer the service to each and all who would like to participate in futuremay i suggest the people of pelsall get behind haywards transport and show there support

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