Lichfield Bower 2011

Just a quick post about the Lichfield Bower 2011, the bower was on Bank holiday Monday 30th May, this is the first time I have been to the bower all the way through. The parade was really good with all different decorated floats from charities and local businesses. We caught the parade in different stages around the city. The parade came by the cathedral and around the main streets of Lichfield.

After the parade there was loads going on in beacon park, you did have to pay for entrance at £2.50 each or under 3’s were free. There was several arenas with different activities going on with dog show, dancers, gymnastics, the BRMB roadshow was there as well. Within the city street there was loads of stalls selling everything from books to food of all sorts. In beacon park there was other stall with all different things, the kids did really enjoy having their faces painted. There was loads of rides both in beacon park as well as in the carpark at the back of the shops on the main street.

The day was a very nice day out, was just pity about the weather as was a bit wet, but not really heavy rain, below are some of the photos from the day. I will defiantly make sure we go to the bower again next year.

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