Lemon Juice As Limescale Remover


Well the kettle really needed de-scaling, but couldn’t get proper de-scaler from the shops, so had a quick look and can use lemon juice or vinegar. Before I have used vinegar but didn’t do that well. So tried lemon juice this time and worked great so thought would quickly share this tip.

For us it was the kettle that needed de-scaling as was a build up of limescale, but can be used for other things aswell like dishwasher, washing machine or coffee maker.

To descale the kettle is easy I used just under 200ml of lemon juice left over from pancake day, put that in the kettle left for an hour then added around the same amount of water then boiled the kettle, then left for about 10mins to cool down, rinsed out the kettle a few times to get rid of any lemon juice residue. And that’s it, all the lime scale in the kettle had gone. You can see from the photos the before and after.


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