Bedside Table DIY Walking Stick Holder

Unfortunately due to a spinal problem I have, there are a fair few times that I have to use a walking stick around the house and definitely in the mornings, so needed somewhere to have my walking stick in reach by the bed for in the night or morning, so came up with this simple idea.

I normally keep my stick propped up on the bedside drawers, the problem with this, is that can slip onto the floor which means me trying to bend down to get it which is a problem sometimes and very painful. As I liked DIY (that is when I could do more) I have all different bits and bobs. One of the most useful items is bits of Meccano (well the cheaper stuff) The missus moans at me for keeping stuff like this but like I say I can always find uses for anything 🙂

I needed something with a curve on so a wheel was perfect and because the hole in the wheel was bit larger to fit a screw in, used a deep washer. To stop the cane from falling off the wheel when attached I used a straight strip that bent to the shape of the inside of the wheel, then a screw goes through this then through the washer in the wheel and screwed into to bedside drawers, Our bedside drawers are now a few years old ikea ones, so not really a problem putting a screw hole in.

As this is just between the cabinet and the mattress of the bed, it is easy for me to reach when needed, it works great for two types of walking sticks I use. It not the most best looking accessory but it is practical and makes it so that I’m not in as much pain trying to reach stick when I need to help me get out of bed.

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