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Foldable Garden Kneeler – For Use in Cleaning Fish Pond

ByKevin Simon

Nov 15, 2018

I work for myself cleaning out fish ponds, unfortunately I developed a spinal problem. This first means I can’t do as many jobs as I used to and even when doing a job I am in severe pain and have a lot problems on site one is getting up from the ground, when cleaning the bottom of the pond. So I needed something to help me out. To see more about my business see HERE and more about my medical condition see HERE.

I looked at some of the garden kneelers but most are a solid plastic. In one way this would be better as light in weight but it is very bulky so would take more space in the car. I then found foldable metal ones, that can also be used as a seat. You can get them from some garden retailers also on amazon and eBay. Prices range from £15 to £25

I got my first one from eBay new item for just under £15. It isn’t that heavy at just under 3 kg. The ends when folded down can be used as a handle . The unit folded is 59cm long, 27cm wide and 12cm thick. To open up just pull the sides up and then they lock into place. To then fold back flat each end has a metal lock handle you just pull this out and the side then cam fold down. There is a lock for each side.

There is padding on both sides of the tope / bottom, so you have a bit of padding if you use as either the seat or kneeler. When using as a kneeler your knees are 12cm from the ground. The sides then you can use for support to get up, which are just under 50cm, so gives you good leverage to pull yourself up. The use of this is to help out when gardening i.e. doing your borders. For this it would be great, My use though is a bit different.

When I clean out a pond the first parts are just pumping out the water and getting the fish out which really isn’t that hard. Once that is done there is a few inches of water left in the bottom and also bit of much this needs to be got out. I Use a bucket with a pump in with a net over the top. So I can scoop the muck out into the bucket and then just pump the water out. So for me this time is just kneeling. This can be in dirty water or just debris and this can also be cold. See more info HERE

This is where this foldable kneeler comes in great use, one it keeps my dry. But the main thing gives me a bit of padding this does really help out with the arthritis in my knees, so this does help with the pain. The main part for me is once I have scooped out the water I have to get up and the sides help me get up, as once I’m in a pond my legs and back seize up so this is great to help me up.

Though for my work they get wet and the pads get dirty as most of the time the water level is covering at least the bottom pad and can be in very messy water. Also the metal can get a bit rusty, I have been using these now for two years around two days a week I found one lasted me about 6 months, since then I have picked some up off the carboots for just a few pounds. Though even for the full price this is a item I couldn’t do without now as really does help me to do my job.

2-in-1 GARDEN KNEELER – Our Multi-purpose garden stool and kneeler is perfect tending to flower beds or herbaceous borders, then flip it over to sit comfortably whilst pruning bushes or just enjoying the sun
DURABLE – The kneeler and seat is constructed from high-quality steel tubes, long lasting comfortable polypropylene foam and has a polyester fabric pouch
EASY TO CARRY – The 2-in-1 garden kneeler and bench seat can be folded flat in seconds, simply push in the spring mechanism and fold the legs down for easy and convenient transport, whether moving around the garden or returning it to the shed
DIMENSIONS – W:59cm x L:27cm Height when folded 12cm and extends to 49cm when unfolded, maximum user weight: 100kg – Pouch dimensions: H29 x W19 x L1cm Pouch pockets: 3 Weight: 2.7kg

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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