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I have a few Xbox’s as they are a good games console, but the best thing if they are modified they act as a media centre for your home. With XBMC (xbox media centre) installed on the xbox, you can play all video formats divx,mpeg inc HD files, also MP3’s, Photos and all emulators.

The best thing is when connected to your home network can stream all these files from your pc. I have a stand alone server with all films, tv series and mp3 files on. so we can watch these on our HD tv.

The best thing with XBMC is it can be customized with different skins and setting so you can have shortcuts to all your network drives.

You also have full weather reports, film trailers and all internet radio stations as you have full internet access.

By using the standard dvd remote this becomes a full dvd player,games console, and games player all in one. I have my main one setup with full HD component cable to give full 1080i output.

Have a look at my XBMC section with my setup. To use XBMC you will need your Xbox modified this can be either software or hardware, this also let you do alot more than use XBMC 🙂

Also I have included the full system specs for the xbox.

xbox dvd remote

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