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While we was having a short break away in Brean, Somerset we visited Weston Super Mare, unfortunately the day we visited the weather wasn’t on our side, so only looked around the shops, but did visit the sea aquarium and the sand castle festival displays. We havnt been to Weston for a whole so had seen the big wheel before, it’s not something I would go on as not that keen on heights. 

As I was looking at it thought would make a good photo of the pattern if the construction of the inner part of the wheel, though my original photos didn’t come out as I would have liked which can be seen below. I was messing about with filters in the android app Photostudio Pro, I first added a filter under the old section called Disco 80’s which gave the dull photo various colourful gradient, which did give the photo a nice edge, then added an overlay under the abstract drawing sections which gave it more colour the looks like light glare from the centre. Just with these two effects I think makes what was a dull photo something nice that would use as background wallpaper for mobile or PC. 

My Original Photo

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