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Website Update – Whats Coming Up in 2019

ByKevin Simon

Jan 17, 2019

Hi to all my readers and followers, unfortunately I haven’t been able to post and update the site as much as I would have liked over the past year, this has been to do with several reasons. The main one is I have had a few Medical set backs, which unfortunately this has made it hard for me to get things done on the website, As I have had to put my main business the priority. But after doing some jobs and am then Knackered for a few days afterwards, so unfortunately I haven’t uploaded as many articles as I would have liked.

This year I want to achieve writing and uploading between 3-5 new articles per week, some of these will be photos in either the Lego or Photo blog sections aswell as all the different categorises within this site see below for more details. I am doing this to give me a few goals this year, as well as running my main job.

Here are the sections I want to Improve on this site.

Lego Adventures

The Lego Adventures is one section that I really want to get more done with. This is picture of various Lego figures within the real world visiting place or just doing normal day to day things. But because of my problems I havnt been out as much as I would have liked so havnt got as many photos etc. Though I do have over 200 photos of Lego figures to go through and post. These are of the normal size Lego figures but as well as the Lego Lego mini figure torches and alarm clock as they are over 8″ high so can do more things with them. I now have over 20 of these now and because I’m a sad person Have then in one display cabinet in the living room, Though the missus as her one with ornaments in aswell. Go to this section HERE

Photo Blog

The photo blog section is all about some of the more unusual photos that I take, With details about how the photos were taken or edited. These can be from certain days out or just me messing about with different ideas. A lot within this section have been edited with different effects or filters etc using various programs and apps from Photoshop to the different photo editing apps available on mobile. Go to this section HERE

Fish Pond Tips

As my main business is fish pond maintenance, I have a lot of tip still to write. As customers always ask me certain questions and though it would be a good idea to answer a lot of quires on here as if my customers are asking these then other people with fish ponds may be looking for that info aswell. If you want to know more about what KS Pond Services can offer go to the section on this site.

Wasgij Section

This is one of the most popular parts of this site, It give solutions for the Wasgij range of Jigsaws. If you dint know there are over 150 different puzzles within this range and they are all cartoon jigsaws, but the picture on the box inst of the completed puzzle it maybe what happens next or the same scene viewed from a different angle. Go to this section HERE

Days Out / Places Visitied

This is one section that as suffered over the last year as we haven’t been out that much for days out or attractions that we have visited. We did Go round a fair few places last year while we had a few weekend breaks. But I just didn’t get round to writing about them. So over the next few months will be going through the places we visited and getting the photos and an article uploaded. Going through my notes I even have some places that we visited upto 3 years ago that never put on. Hopefully I can remember everything about these places though I have loads of photos to remind me.

This year depending on if can get my pain and mobility under control, will try and get out more to share my opinion on different attractions. As this year I will still renew our National Trust membership. As I want to try and get away for some weekend breaks as me and the missus do weekend breaks more than longer holidays as the missus works in retail so she gets alternative weekends off and also a week or more break is to long for me.


The reviews section is as it says reviews on different products, These are all brought by myself and are products that we wanted. It is mainly electronics like different gadgets etc

My Views

This is going to be a new section of my views on current events within the news or just general views. Now this section will be of my personal views on different topics, as with opinions some people may disagree but like I always say everybody is entitled to there opinion and if you dont agree with what I say you can certainly comment, Though if anyone starts to get abusive or trolling then I will have to remove these comments as remember this is a family friendly website.

Medical Journey

Like I said at the top of this post I am going through various chronic medical problems, Some are degenerative which means they will not better just worse. So this will be how I am coping with these and my advice for anyone within the same kind of situation. As I have a major spinal and minor heart problem which does affect my Mobility, Pain, Concentration, Mood etc. This will be from treatments I am taking to how it effects me day to day. Some of the things going on affect me deeply personal, so will not be sharing everything, just details that I think will help others. Anyone is welcome to comment or if you want to be more private you can send me a private message.


I have loads of different categories within this website, These includes Films and TV, Music, Toys and Games, Video Games, Food / Recipes etc. So something for everyone visiting this site.

Thank You

To say upto date with my latest articles you can follow on all social media including Facebook, Twitter. Also you can subscribe to the newsletter, Set notifications through your browser. All of these are automatic so when I post on this site all those services have a link to that post. I also use Flickr and Instagram, Though these I hadn’t done that much on, so again that is something to get sorted this year.

I would like to thank all my readers for there support since this website started a long time ago, and hope you will continue to enjoy the content I put out, Remember I do this for free just for the fun of it really, though any adverts you may see are just to cover the running costs of this site. Though if you have enjoyed or found anything useful on this site, you can make a small donation using PayPal below. This is not for profit it just keeps the site up and running to cover server, domain costs etc.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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