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What a great way to spend a Saturday

ByKevin Simon

Feb 2, 2019

Few Clouds, 4°C

On this cold Saturday hadn’t got anything planned. But unfortunately I have a problem with my heath, which means sometimes so painful to do that much and today was no different with even problems moving around the house without my stick so no chance at all going out today and anyway the missus at work. I had a few things to do and sitting in my office is the best I could do today painful but at the the tablets help a bit lol. I had work for a customer but needed to back up data before doing anything else. I also wanted to try to sort out old phones we had got with battery, charging port and screen problems. So today was just sitting down and sorting tech stuff.

Though The main one was my main phone. Yesterday i put a new battery in my phone, but Android was reporting the percentage incorrect, so did the normal calibration, draining fully etc, but as I have a custom ROM on my phone Samsung Note 3, i decided to clear the cache as well unfortunately this for some reason made the phone set stuck on boot to the extent as leaving over night to waking up it was still stuck on boot.

So I decided to re-flash my phone but noticed different roms available. I was on a build of Resurrection remix built on Android Nougat 7.1. I found different versions of android 8 (oreo) and Android 9 (pie) so spent most of the day messing around to which one is best. Though first to make sure phone was working and hadn’t bricked it, booted into recovery and restored from a back up i had made mid last year with all my apps setup. Data isn’t a problem on my phone as every app backs up to the cloud inc, txts, notes, calendar, photos, medication app etc

When i went to install any of the roms I had downloaded was getting an error within TWRP i was getting and error E:Error executing updater binary in zip I hadn’t encountered this error before after a bit of searching to no avail, released I was using and old version or TWRP I was on 2.8.6 and the newest for the Samsung Note 3 is 3.2.3 so downloaded the latest version of TWRP if you are flashing any rom on android device you need to install open gapps to have the google functionallity.

So far both roms are ok, though the advantage of having any custom root, as long as you have a custom bootloader you can change any time you want. Though if you have your device setup how you want and just want to try another rom, It is best within TWRP to make a recovery backup of you device, so at any point you can go back and restore, this is as you backed up including all settings, apps etc you had installed.

Myself even though I deal with tech all the time im not one for having the latest devices as the older ones are still good, just the operating system is old, so the people out there that produce these roms are the best for keeping older devices alive. My Note 3 phone is still a good device and does everything I need and even my main tablet with I write and mostly edit my photos on is a Samsung Note 10.1 from 2014, But still high spec even with some modern tablets and both are great as they have the s-pen, which is great for me as need to make written notes all the time to remember things both personally and for my business.

Foe the other stuff, decided to try wireless chargers for the old phone of my daughters as easy to add to newer phones even if they dont support wireless charging out of the box, will review these when come through next week. Sorted out part of the work that needed to be done, Unfortunately my problems did get the better of me at just after 4, and that was me done for the day though for me been a reasonable day, even though haven’t been able to move around properly.

I am posting updates like this onto my blog as personally I have to keep a personal diary about my pain day by day, but sometimes the info I write is useful to share, like the above.

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.