Water Bubble Tube Lamp Photos

Water Bubble Lamp Tube

Here are a selection of photos I took a few years ago. This was using one of those water bubble tube lamps, the type of one I used was a largish one about a metre tall it had lights in the bottom that changed colour with also some plastic fish in it. I found the changing of the colour gave some nice effects.

The photos you see on this page were taken with a standard point and click camera, as these were took a few years ago the camera I used was a Casio exlim s600 basic 6mp camera with 3x optical zoom. Though for some did change to a lower shutter speed to get the flowing water in the tube.

Some of the photos was taken from the top of the tube, and some from the side. The main problem I had was getting the focus right on the bubbles from the top. The colours that you can see in the photos are as they were taken and no adjustment afterwards. Unfortunately I now don’t have one of these water tubes to improve on the photos, but considering the camera I used at the time the photos are not that bad at all.

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