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Tripod Mount Broke On Bridge Camera – Easy Replacement

ByKevin Simon

Nov 19, 2020

I have had my Nikon P600 superzoom bridge camera for a few years and last year the tripod mount underneath broke. Now for me I have to use a walking stick when out because of a spinal problem and got one with tripod mount on. So when we are out I have the camera attached to the stick see HERE for a review. So with this broke was a bit of a pain. has had to carry the camera separate and is hard to get out off bag or pocket with only using one hand. I have read this is a common problem especially on Nikon P series.

At first was just loose, to tightened up the four screws holding it it. Then it just completely broke as would just pop out as the screw holes were now to weak, so though would put a little super glue around the screw points, unforutnaly this didn’t go to plan as the superglue seeped to the opening for the battery and the memory card, so I couldn’t be opened to change the battery to take out the memory card. so had to get a knife and cut through the super glue, so really not now that pretty underneth. But did work though for when attracted to the walking stick I didn’t fully trust it, so another idea was needed. (after about 6 months the mount underneath fell out – so definitely need this now)

I looked and you can get a tripod mount for long zoom lenses these fit around the zoom lens and give you an additional mount to hold heavy zoom lenses. You can get them in different sizes. The bottom with the tripod screw mount comes back approx 3cm so gives it stability. The collar as a thumb screw that you take out and the collar hinges. fit this around the lens and tighten up screw thumb screw.

For my Nikon the outer diameter of the lens is 62mm and I found one that has a inner diameter of 65mm. To make a tight fit around the outer lens I used some stick on velcro that you can get in strips and used the soft side of the velco and cut to size to fit inside of the collar.This was enough so when the screw is tightened it holds the camera firm. It sits back just under 1cm from the front of the lens. It can’t go back further as the Nikon has side controls. But is still perfectly stable.

I have been using this now for over a year and hasn’t let me down. One advantage as if I want to take in portrait mode I just swivel the camera around in the collar. Even when we have been walking the camera hasn’t slipped out Al all, though if is starting to get too loose just add bit more velcro to it is tight but not too tight that putting pressure on the outer casing.

You can pick these up from around £5 to £15 from the likes off Amazon or eBay etc. Just search for Tripod collar mount ring. I just order another one as a spare so can keep in my other back pack in our other car, I got mine from a seller in China for just under £4 though took a month to arrive, and then you just need strips of velcro which can be picked up from the poundland etc.

The ones I brought the colour was an off white, so did stand out when on the camera, so I just sprayed mine black. though after a few months of using and putting it in backpack etc it has started to chip slightly. I only got the off white as at the time they were a lot cheaper than the black one and the first one was to test.

This would work with any bridge camera that the tripod mount that has gone. The width of the collar is 15mm so as long as you have more then that space on your lens that could fit around it would work and you can get these in differnt sizes.  And at the end of the day either cheaper than getting new camera or trying to take part the camera and replacing the internal mount.

By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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