Sunrise – Lego Adventures (Never Let Then Put you in a Box)

The photos was taken a month ago at sunrise over Chasewater Reservoir in Brownhills, West Midlands. I had got up one morning and after having a few days being bad with my back that I couldn’t get out I needed to get out and wanted to get some nice photos of the sunrise.

I got a fair good few photos in the 30mins I was out as unfortunately that say that’s a much as I could do with the pain I was in, and as this of course had to take a few lego figures with me and this was one of the best shots.

The phrase is personal to me at the moment as seems to be in life people are organised into box sections and can only be in one box, but not between boxes. Well life isn’t like that you can be between those boxes no matter what anyone tells you.

This is the adventures of Lego mini figures in the real world, from just the mundane to visiting attractions, with all different characters, so if you like this photo please share or follow their adventures.

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