Darth Vader on Day Off Painting

Darth Vader on his down time decided to do a painting in his garden, This was taken as one of my customer who is an artist said that I must be busy with work that I hadn’t posted anything to my blog or Instagram, so when I got back today though I would share this.

A shout out to Carolyn Blake for the idea of this photo, you can see her work at her website www.carolynblake.com or on Instagram, also on the subject of artist check out another of my customers that is also an artist Lisa Henderson, her website is www.lisahenderson.co.uk

The photo on the canvas was just taken on my phone and edited through a great app called Deep art effects available on Android , IOS, Windows and Mac, Below are some of the other effects I just quickly did before decieding on the one that got printed.

I do have loads more Lego photo to publish but unfortunately it is having the time, as due to my medical problems once done a job, I’m then bad so not in the mood for posting, but soon there will be more I promise so follow me for more updates.

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