Doing The Weeding in The Garden – Lego Adventures

As we are still in lockdown the stormtrooper bill decided that the garden needed weeding as he hadn’t gone any garden for a while and has we have had some nice weather the weeds had grown loads.

So time to get it done, was a bit hard work and half filled his garden waste bin, but that may not be collected for a while, as the council has suspended garden waste collection at the moment.

After he had done the weeding had a nice relaxing time sitting in the garden with a nice drink and look at the results of his hard work.

This is part of my Lego Adventure series of Lego mini figures, normal mini figs as well as the larger torches / clocks in the real world,  from just the mundane to visiting attractions,  with all different characters. You can follow there adventures through my blog , Twitter (kswebdesign) , Flickr (kswebdesign) , Facebook (ksspps)

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  1. Michelle ingles says:

    Love this idea. Very creative and good photography skills

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