Spot Email Scam ie speeding, tax etc

I have noticed some new email scams going around,  One of the latest is supposedly from the police at the moment seems to be from Greater Manchester police,  saying that you have been caught for speeding and asking you to click a link.  

I got one of these scam emails the other day (see above) say that a speed camera had caught me doing 67mph in a 30mph zone,  I did have to read it twice as recently I have had a speeding fine,  but that was in Staffordshire and any speeding documents will come through the post and not email.  The main give away that it is a fake is that the email lists speed limit, speed of vehicle, as well as road, date and speed camera id BUT no registration number. 

The email asks to click on a link,  if you click this link will download some malware on your computer and will probably harvest banking details etc. 
This is like any other scam emails asking you to click on a link,  around normally September and January you get the fake ones from inland revenue advising of a tax refund again these are scams. 
So here are some quick tips on how to spot these fake emails. 

  • [ ] Normally the English isn’t that great in the email with spelling mistakes etc. 

  • [ ] look at the sender details normally the email address looks like the company domain but with extra letters or numbers in the domain

  • [ ] check the link ie if on mobile you can long press the link or on pc hover mouse over the link,  this will show you the website it is linking to and the site address is nothing like the company it is being sent from. 

  • [ ] if unsure Delete the email and get in contact with the company direct either by going to the website direct or by phoning them. 

  • [ ] Most email scams do install malware which is mainly pc,  so make sure your virus checker is up to date. 
    Hope these quick tips have been useful. With any fraudulent emails can be reported to [Action fraud] (

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