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Running Costs of Garden Fish Pond

ByKevin Simon

Apr 25, 2015


One of the questions I mostly get asked by my customers is the running cost of a fish pond, so thought would do some calculations of running cost per day and over a year. The figures here are based on pump running 24hrs a day all year. The cost does really depend on the make of pump you have as some makes are more energy efficient than others, also these figures are based on new pumps as older pumps may use more power. I have based these prices on the unit price of 17p per kilowatt hour at the time of writing this is the cost per unit on the electricity tariff I am currently on.

Using the figures I worked out on a list of major manufactures of pumps at the bottom of this article here is a quick break down of average sized fish ponds.

Small ornamental pool with just a water fountain = 10p day – £36.50 per year
Small fish pond with water feature and 11w UV = 15p per day £54.75 per year
Medium sized pool running P3500 pump and 36w UV = 32p per day £116.80 per year
Large koi fish pond running P8000 pump and 55w UV = 55p per day £200.75 per year
Very large pond running P12000 pump and two 55w UV’s = £1 per day £365.00 per year

As a average per 100w of power used constantly this would equate out to approximately 40p per day or £146 per year.

If your pond has a filter system, this really does need to be running all the time, you could make savings by running other water features and lights through an appropriate timer. For example just running a water feature through the day and not the night could give you a saving of 40% this could also prolong the life of the pump.

You can get solar panel powered pumps but these are currently only capable of driving the smallest fountain pumps and mostly will only work for a portion of the day even the ones that have a battery storage, but solar powered ones are great just for water features.

Below is a list of several pumps from major manufactures detailing the capacity of the pump with the wattage power use then working on a unit price of 17p per kilowatt hour.

1000 25w 10.2p day – £37.23 per year
2500 30w 12.3p day – £44.67 per year
4000 50w 20.4p day – £74.46 per year
6000 65w 26.5p day – £96.80 per year
8000 95w 38.8p day – £141.47 per year
12000 130w 53p day – £193.59 per year
15000 180w 73.4p day – £268.05 per year

5000 77w 31.4p day – £114.67 per year
6000 105w 42.8p day – £156.36 per year
8000 140w 57p day – £208.48 per year
10000 185w 75.5p day – £275.50 per year

3500 45w 18.4p day – £67.01 per year
4000 40w 16.3p day – £59.57 per year
6000 50w 20.4p day – £74.46 per year
8500 80w 32.7p day – £119.14 per year
12000 110w 44.9p day – £163.81 per year
14500 135w 55p day – £201.04 per year

3000 55w 22.4p day – £81.90 per year
5000 110w 44.9p day – £163.81 per year
8500 105w 42.8p day – £156.37 per year
12000 130w 53p day – £193.60 per year

3500 25w 10.2p day – £37.25 per year
5000 40w 16.3p day – £59.57 per year
8000 70w 28.6p day – £104.24 per year

UV units

11w 4.5p day – £16.38 per year
18w 7.2p day – £26.80 per year
36w 14.7p day – £53.61 per year
55w 22.4p day – £81.90 per year

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

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