Quick Photo For Friday 13th

As its Friday the 13th, I thought I should post some photos up as wanted a break from working. Though the only photos I had got that looked kind of scary were ones from a good few years ago of a Witch decoration / statue that an ex girlfiend had, I had only took two shots of it at the time, but they looked a bit bland, so added a few filters in photoshop, the second portrait shot I went a bit overboard but do like the effect, just not for this photo but thought I would post it up anyway.

I know these images would be more suited for Halloween, but its all I could find without trying to get some shots in today, while busy with work.
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Also here is a quick video I did messing around with Cyberlink Powerdirector video editing software, it was just to test the effects but did come out ok, though I did this a few years ago now.

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