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These photos were taken back in October 2006 at Chasewater Country Park, I must have liked taking photos of stones on that day as did take a few. The first one above was just some stones in the sand. I have just applied a filter to bring out the colours etc.

The three below are as they were taken with one with the pebbles under the water, another angle of the stones of the one above and the third of stones taken straight down, still like this one as the moss growing in them makes an interesting shot, I have now added this one to my background wallpapers on my pc.

I’m going through all my old photos and starting to post them online. These photos were taken on the camera that got me back into photography which was a super slim well for the time Casio EX-S600, which was a great little 6mp camera with 3x optical zoom and did have manual control over shutter, exposure etc. I did get some great shots with this camera, which you should expect for a camera that cost around £200 when I got it in mid 2006.

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