Previous Years of Snow


With the little covering we have had of snow on 17th Jan 2015 it made me think of previous years of snow fall. The way the weather reports were seemed that we would have had more snow than we did as was just a covering here in Brownhills and seemed the same throughout the Midlands.

Even 3 years ago nearly to the day in 2013 we had loads of snow as I remember this well as my daughter was about to start at her new school, but because of the snow she couldn’t start for a few days as the schools were closed. Myself I love the snow especially nice walks just after it has settled though the missus doesn’t like the cold so I now have to go on my own 🙁

I have just put together a few collages of snow scene and photos over the past few years, Going through my older photos which go back to 2007 I have chosen five photographs to represent that date, though on some one or two of the pictures are within a day or two of each date. I have chosen the years as follows as got a few nice images for these dates some of the other years don’t really have any good photos.

9th February 2007


2nd February 2009


24th December 2009


7th January 2010


7th December 2010


20th January 2013


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