My Christmas lights 2015


Its a bit late for me this year to post photos of my Christmas house lights this year but here they are.

Normally I do a lot more than this, as well as the front I normally build a shelf inside the top of the fence to put a display on, but this year just wasn’t really in the mood for all the work that it would take as normally at least two days just for the back. So this year just concentrated on the front.

Also with a lot of the lights I have they have sections out and needed to be repaired but not had chance to sort this throughout the year, so only put up newer lights that I knew worked. Though did have to do some extra wiring to extending sets. Also got new icicle lights for the guttering as the older sets were not that bright.

Hope you like this years display, 2016 I will make sure I do a lot more and plan it out better, just this year not got into the Christmas spirit, though this seems like a lot of people I have spoke to this year, just seems to be to much pressure at Christmas and you seem to buy stuff just for the sake of buying stuff. We this year have just brought each other what we wanted and not some of the stupid gifts as we still have gifts that we gave each other last year unopened lol

Well wishing my readers a *Merry Christmas and a happy new year*


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