Lego Racers

A good few week ago the daily mirror newspaper was giving away Lego racer cars each day, this was either collect at most tesco or toys-r-us stores each day or collect four of the vouchers printed in the paper and send of a cheque for I think £6.50 inc postage and package cost. There was 6 cars in total and then a box to keep them in, also paper printed play-mat and then on the final Sunday was a a4 sheet of stickers of all the cars.

The models were Lego 7801, 7802, 30030, 30033, 30034 and 30035

I collected the four cars and box and play-mat, I  know most people will take the so called Micheal out of me collecting these lego cars, but as a kid I used to love playing with Lego, I used to have loads and make all different type of things, the best I can remember was making 2 different largish cars (around a ft long) with a friends of mine, and we used to race them along the road, we even made them with great suspension system, and bumpers with springs in to take any impact.

I also loved when I went to Legoland Windsor a good few years ago think was for my stepson’s 13 birthday and also my nephews birthday, I myself wasn’t really interested in the rides was the mini model lego village that was great, I would love to go again. See I’m a big child at heart 🙂

So it was fun collecting these cars and building them each day, even thought they are small was great fun, it also make me think how much the Lego pieces have changed since I was a child, with a lot better pieces than I had to play with 🙂

I most wanted them to have to play about with macro photography, I would have done this sooner but my my brother had done so great pictures of different Lego scenes so didn’t want him thinking I was copying him 🙂

So have a look at my albums of some of the pictures of the different lego racer that was given away with the daily mirror by clicking on the link below or going to my photo album link above.

[pe2-gallery album=”” ]

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