Internet Passwords

Noticed the other day on a news site about the most used passwords, not sure how many people were surveyed but the top ten was like this: Think the source was Imperva

1: 123456   2: 12345   3: 123456789   4: Password   5: iloveyou

6: princess   7: rockyou  8: 1234567   9: 12345678   10: abc123

Now I know from experience that some of these are really used by some people, even though I say not too, so this is just a few tips about passwords, First thing to do is not have the same password for all your secure Internet sites, always have different passwords for each site.

Also make sure your passwords are alpha numeric ie letters AND numbers, Don’t ever give your passwords to anyone else especially and emails you get through asking about your account or password for a particular site.

If you want to be fully secure with your passwords use a mixture of upper and lower case characters also most sites allow you to use other characters ie £$%^&, so mix them up, And sometimes is best to change your passwords on a regular basis ie every 6 months.

Now this is the basics of using passwords, this is the advice that I give, but you will find what is best for you just steer clear of very simple passwords

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