Fish Pond Volume Calculator

One question I am asked by my customers is the amount of water volume in their fish pond, so thought would create a calculator to work it out and also recommend size of UV light and pump size.

You can use measurements in either feet or metres, take the average measurements of the size of your pond. At the moment the recommendation for pumps is only working if in feet, will be adding for metres soon and other information to this page soon.

If your require advice or questions please get in touch with me, as KS Pond Services cover the majority of the Midlands area for fish pond servicing etc.

*Information in this article is either wrote by myself Kevin Simon or from a archive of articles my father wrote for previous pond and pool services newsletters (PPS), and now supplied by KS Pond Services. A Midland based fish pond servicing company for more details on the services that we can supply please get in touch [HERE](*

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Kevin Simon

My Name is Kevin Simon and I am the creator & main author on KS News & Views, I am self employed and can supply IT & Web Design services aswell as Fish pond Maintenance. I have a few hobbies which I write about and anything that interests me really.

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