Farnborough Hall Near Banbury Visit

We are National Trust members and while on a weekend away we visited Farnborough Hall after visiting Upton House which is nearby. Entrance for national trust members is free, normal entry prices for house and gardens are Adults £6.70, Children £3.35 and family £16.75 though if only want to visit the Terraced walk prices are just over half the prices above. Prices are correct at the time of our visit, to check prices visit the Website.

As the house is still lived in by the Holbech Family, Farnborough Hall is open from April till September. Inside this country house you can see lovely 18th century plaster work. There are only a few rooms you can go around and you can tell that it is a current family home with a flat screen TV in the living area and family photos etc along with some beautiful period furniture. Which to be honest is nice to see as most national trust properties show you from one period, but this make it feel more normal. As it is a family home no photography is allowed in the house, but can take photos around the grounds.

The Terraced walk is a lovely stroll up a bit of an incline, At the moment I have a problems with my mobility so didn’t fully appreciate the views of the surrounding country side as walking up, though towards the top is a brick built gazebo / pavilions with seating facing out onto the country side with amazing views. The Walk does continue on from here, but I was getting tired so couldn’t walk further up the incline.

Heading back down we went towards the dove cote and again from here there are nice views with the church in the distance, I loved it here as the hedgerow was a haven for butterfly’s and bees. By the house are the more formal gardens and a bit further down is a nice waterfall, which seems to have been done recently as seems new stonework. This is a nice place to sit and look out onto the lake.

Even though a small house the gardens are definitely work going around as a very nice and relaxed environment.

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