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Below are free downloads that accompany articles on this site, inc drivers, instructions etc.

These downloads are free to download and will only contain the files that are needed, with no other software incorporated. I supply these files to help people out. Though it does cost me to run this website, so please support my site by using any adverts that may interest you on my site, all adverts provided by Google ad sense.


I take no responsibility for these files, has these have been collected from various site, I offer no support on the files, All i can say is that these files I have used direct on my own pc or equipment, though this is dependent on the spec of your pc or equipment. Most files have been officially download from manufactures website that now may longer be in business, so for reference really.

I run this site independently just for the fun of it really. To put together this site does take a bit of time, so if you found any of the downloads useful useful, please share my site, or you can make a small donation using paypal below, this just keeps the running cost of the site going. Thanks Kevin


Click the relevant item below to start download.

(if problems viewing in browser, right click, then save as)

Traveler Microscope Windows Drivers (Blue & Black Models)

Wii Cyberbike Instructions

PLEX for NowTV Box 2.8.2

Lego Manuals

For the Lego sets that I have for sale, some of the sets don’t have the instruction manuals, so below are copies of the instructions in one PDF file for you to download.

These manuals are not created myself and I don’t take credit for them, all Lego manuals are available from from the site you can download individual jpeg images of each page, so I though for my customers would create a full PDF file of each page for easier download, or  instructions in PDF format are available from so below are the PDF manual for the sets I have or had on sale only. ( if you are looking for another manual do NOT contact me, visit or to to find it on there)

(if problems viewing in browser, right click, then save as)

928 – Space cruiser and moonbase

4729 – Dumbledores Office

4701 – Sorting Hat

497 – Galaxy Explorer

1371 – Spinosaurus Attack

4727- Aragog in the Dark Forest

4708 – Hogwarts Express

5510 – Off Road 4×4

8880 – Black Technic Car

6634 – Stock Car

6431 – Road Rescue

Harry Potter Rubiks Panel

Lego Starfleet Voyager 6929

Lego 854 Technic Go-Kart

E.T. Furby Manual

Lego 853 Technic Car Chassis

Lego 918 One man Space Ship


Lego Technic Motorbike & Sidecar 857

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8 Responses

  1. Eddie says:

    I just pulled my Traveler out of the dust after several years and was trying to find Win 8.1 drivers. The unit doesn’t exist at all on, there is one online that when scanned, reports infected with several viruses, so I wasn’t going there. But yours got me going, so thanks heaps for putting them up here.

  2. I had problems to find my drivers as my Traveler were getting dust exactly as yours ;]
    Thank you for the drivers!

  3. Bernhard Jung says:

    Thank you very much for the link to the drivers for the Traveler microscope. Without your help I would have thrown it in the dust. But now it works still fine, better than many more expensive microscopes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You saved my day with the traveler software 🙂 Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, as above! THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Really it is helpful. I get it from a store without driver. My children were wondering how to get it attached. Your support really is a great help. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    merci pour les drivers même en 2019 votre poste sert encore , encore merci

  8. Cheers ! Took a lot of research to sort this out on Windows 10. Aldi support should link to this page !

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