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Tutbury Castle

On the way back from a visit to Sudbury Hall & Childhood museum, we decided to visit Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire. We visited on Sunday 29th May and we didn’t realise that there was an event going on which was the nostalgic 1940’s weekend and was on bank holiday Monday aswell. The price of entrance on these days was £6 adults, £4 Children & concessions and under 5’s are Free. Though the normal entrance price is £4.50 adults £4 children & concessions.

The site of Tutbury Castle has been occupied since the stone age and the first record of a castle on the site was 1071 and is known for one of the prisons of Mary Queen of Scotts. Over the years it as been destroyed and rebuilt. Then was opened to the public in 2000. Now you mainly see the ruins of different parts of the castle. There is a small tea room onsite and you can also look around the inside of the great hall.

As we went when there was a event on the whole grounds had different things going on with living history groups representing British, American, German and Russian soldiers demonstrating how life was during the war years. The setup was great as you seen different military memorabilia and weapons of the time, and every one was dressed up in the periods. There were also displays throughout the day.

There were also stalls selling different wares, like clothing, antiques etc and there was also someone that was doing hairstyles from the 1940’s. Unfortunately we went late in the day so we missed a lot of the demonstrations.

Without the event going on the ruins are really nice to look at, it did look like you could go into the dungeons and other parts of the castle but these were blocked off I assume this was to do with safety with this 1940’s events going on. You can go up to the highest part of the castle and you get great views around the area including the Derbyshire Hills and the plain of the Dove. And even with what was going on it was a really peaceful place to visit.

Prices are OK for an attraction like this, though without anything going on younger children may find it a bit boring. We enjoyed the visit but this was mainly for the 1940’s event going. See below for some of the photos from this visit, do remember if you visit without any event won’t be as busy as this. Just by the side of the castle is a very nice church, which we walked around the grounds.
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