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First Time Ice Skating At Silverblades

ByKevin Simon

Feb 20, 2014


The other weekend we went ice skating for the stepdaughters birthday which there was eight kids iceskating, we went to silverblades in Cannock normal price for entry is dependent on the day you go see HERE for official pricing, we went on a Saturday so costs £6.50 per person. This is if you have an ice card which is free all you have to do is register online and the card will be waiting for you when you go, a ice card covers one adult and upto 4 children, if you don’t have a ice card there is a extra charge of £1.50 on admission. These prices are to go on the ice, but if you just want to watch them on the ice you still have to pay a spectator price of £2.00, so I though as I had got to pay to watch why not spend the extra few quid to have a go. I’m 40 and have never been ice skating in my life before, so thought this would be fun and at least if I fell over would make the kids laugh as some of the children in the party hadn’t been before either. Also there is a surcharge of £1 if paying by debit or credit cards.

We chose to go for the family skate session though there is also a disco skate, public skate and tea time sessions. You can also book professional ice skating lessons. Your entry price does include hire of ice skates, for me I had to have a larger size then my normal shoe size. As soon as I got them in was a little funny to walk as your knees seem to go to the side and walk on a slant. Then once I got onto the ice this seemed really alien to me, I had to make sure I held onto the side as couldn’t get my balance, now I’m not good at balance as only few yeas ago was my first time of riding a bike see HERE for details. The first time round I held onto the side all the way around as was scared to let go. At one point did try to go a bit faster by pushing myself by holding onto the side, though this didn’t work as fell completely back on my bum, there was a few laughs from the woman that was behind me. Now I though if I fell I would kind of hurt but didn’t at all. On the ice there is a marshall, so if someone falls over or any problems they are there to help.

While we were their I bumped into an old neighbor that was amazing at ice skating and asked his advice, he said not to hold onto the side as this is pulling your body to one side so you become off balance. He was right as the next time I went round I didn’t use the side and I started to get my balance better. If young children have problems getting to grips with their balance you can hire what is called a penguin, which is a balance aid that you hold in front of you so lot easier to move around, these are no good for older children or even adults as the are not that high, to hire a penguin there is a charge of £3.00. My confidence stated to build as was able to go round with no problems, in all the time we was there I only fell over twice which I don’t think is to bad for my first time.

As for the venue silver blades in cannock I cant fault it, good value for money as long as you get a ice card and the staff are great, as we had a slight problem at the end as one girl in our party knocked into another and then bumped her head on the ice. The staff were great in dealing with this and must say thank you to them for there help. There are also refreshments available including hot dogs and hot / cold drinks at a reasonable price. So if you have never been ice skating before it isn’t as bad as you may think as I did enjoy it.

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By Kevin Simon

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