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Steam Mop Cleaner Review

ByKevin Simon

Mar 23, 2014

aldi steam mop

Today I got a steam mop, the one that I got was from Aldi supermarket as was a special buy for Sunday 23rd March at only £24.99The model is an Easy Home 59322, the specification is 800ml water tank, 8 metre cord, 20 second heat up, Steaming time: approx. 25 minutes, 1500W. Now I have never used a steam mop / cleaner, so thought I would share my view mainly on this Aldi model, but this would be the same for any other basic steam cleaner mop.

First it is very light and very easy to assemble. The water tank removes for filling, you do get a little measuring jug but really don’t need it as can fill direct from the tap and the tank has the max limit of 800ml marked on the tank. Start-up time is very quick the first time was just over 20 seconds and then is ready to use.

To use all you do is press the trigger to release the steam and just glide over the floor. It is best to do in either and forward / backward or sideways movement. The head on this model swivels 180 degrees which is really useful in getting along edges or corners. For basic cleaning it is great as a lot easier than using a standard mop and water with cleaner. With this kind of mop you do not need any chemical cleaning solutions it just uses the power of steam to clean.

For more stubborn dirt or stains you hold the mop with steam on over the area for upto 8 seconds. Be vary wary with doing this as on part of my tiled kitchen floor did take a bit of the shine off, though this flooring has been down about 5 years and before moved in last year I would probably say not been cleaned or taken care of. Also make sure you have fully swept up or vacuumed as any debris on the floor may scratch the floor surface. I even used it on a marble base on kitchen table and that came up really well.

The Aldi one does come with a adaptor that you can use on carpets this just attaches to the bottom, so that the microfiber pad does touch the carpet. I did try this and a large pile mat that have had for a few years and did clean it well, though nowhere near a full carpet cleaner like a Vax, but does a really good job of refreshing the pile ion carpets ort rugs so nice and soft again. If doing carpet remember does make the carpet a little wet, but not really a problem.

I even tried this unit on bathroom tiles, now as this is an upright unit it is not designed for this use so was awkward, but wanted to see if steam cleaners do clean the grout in between the tiles and even using this unit it did clean them, not for this would need an handheld steam cleaner.

Im not sure what I was expecting when buying this as you do see the adverts on the tv that show these kind of steamer cleaners making a massive difference, well with most people that do clean there hard floors it won’t make that much of difference, but is a lot easier than a normal mop, as does glide over the floor very easy. The running time stated on this model is 25minutes and this is about right. If you do have a really dirty floor, these kind of steam cleaners would make a massive difference.

For the price that I paid for this basic Aldi one, I am impressed with the unit for the price, though I assume the higher cleaners would be better, but this one does have 1500w so is reasonably powerful and don’t think you would need any more than that.

Here is the full spec of the Aldi Model

Ergonomically designed with 180° swivel head to help you get under furniture and into tight spaces.
 800ml water tank
 8 metre cord
 20 second heat up
 Steaming time: approx. 25 minutes
 1500W
 Includes: Reusable Microfibre Pads, Measuring Cup and Carpet Glider
 Choose from: Purple or Teal (Though I got a White one) Product reference: 59322

Removes grease and dirt on:

 Tiles
 Vinyl floors
 Sealed laminate
 Sealed wood
 Carpets
 Rugs

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By Kevin Simon

I run this blog & also self employed cleaning out fish ponds, but due to spinal problems not able to do as much, now started a youtube channel showing my converted Peugeot Partner micro camper also as interest in photography so now vlog about the trips and of course Lego figures out in the wild photos.

13 thoughts on “Steam Mop Cleaner Review”
  1. I brought a easy home steam mop from aldi I love it but the cloth pad will not stay on when I am moping. I pulled the cord pressing the toggle. I have phoned after care service had no reply. Help please some one.

    1. I have just thrown mine absolutely rubbish water appears to be hotting up but hardly any steam comes out the floor under the mop remains cold

  2. Do you know where you can buy the cap with the tube on that goes into the water tank, not under warranty n not getting much help via aldi

  3. I would like to purchase this item. I hate your long write up being first thing to see.. Web site needs simplification..

  4. I love my little steam mop, but I need to know where I can get replacement cloth pads/covers for the steam head.

    1. Did you find out where to get them from? Great cleaner but no spare pads to be found in any shop or website frustrating!!!

  5. I have a major problem, the whole unit gets really hot with no steam. The second stage water dispenser just allows the top water container to empty into the machine which to me is dangerous, even the handle gets very hot.

  6. I must have a fault with my Stirling steam mop. When I fill the water holder, it seems to flow through the second stage into the body of the machine. There is no steam and the whole thing including the handle gets really hot. It was working great previously, Too dangerous to use. I rang the suppliers to Aldi and they where very understanding and I am waiting to hear from them again.

  7. after 6 months water started to drip out of the lower tier tank which was annoying but manageable but now although it sounds like its heating up no steam comes out – cant find my receipt, very annoying although i had a Hoover one for about 15 months and that gave up too. just cheap and nasty plastic stuff.

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